The Chamber ALX Spotlight: Cathy Bradford

The Chamber ALX Spotlight: Cathy Bradford

Along with their reputation for excellent service and selection, King’s Jewelry has become synonymous with family. After beginning to work at King's Jewelry in 1962 and then buying the business in 1978, Norman “Brad” Bradford brought his daughter, Tari, to work at the store in 1983. In 1986, his wife Cathy began handling accounting and day-to-day operations along with Tari. Their two sons, Andrew and Gregory, have more recently joined the team, lending their respective expertise in purchasing inventory and social media.

The family feel also extends to the employees, many of whom have been there for decades. “We all work together as a tight-knit team,” says Cathy of the staff's relationship, noting that sales are all non-commission. “Our main priority isn’t just making a sale—it’s working with our customers and providing them with jewelry that is high quality and long-lasting.”

“Lasting” is something of a buzzword for King’s. It refers to the jewelry they sell, the store itself and the employees. But it also is apt when it comes to their clientele. Those are lasting relationships, often built over years from the first purchase—most notably engagement rings. “We’ll build a relationship with a customer who comes to us for an engagement ring and that trust is there for the future: wedding bands, anniversary and special occasion jewelry, heirloom baby gifts. That kind of relationship is something we strive for,” Cathy says.

With so much changing over the past 66 years, King’s has naturally moved with the times in some ways, but stayed unchanged in others. While they have an active presence on social media and online, they don’t currently sell jewelry online. “Jewelry needs to be held and admired. You need to be able to feel the weight of it, see how it’s made, admire how the facets of a diamond catch the light. That’s not something you can do online,” says Cathy. “We also try to focus on explaining the different quality aspects so the customer can make an educated choice,” adds Andrew.

Along with a large selection of engagement and wedding rings in a variety of styles and sizes, King’s also carries an extensive collection of gemstone and fashion jewelry, luxury watches and estate pieces. For customers with a unique vision that falls outside of the scope of what’s in the case, they also specialize in designing custom rings. Additionally, the repair department handles expert jewelry and watch repair.

As a member of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, King’s Jewelry utilizes the resources that come from having such a strong network. “The Chamber has helped us build professional and personal relationships in our community, and attending Chamber meetings keeps us informed as to the constant changes in our city, which also helps to grow and improve our business,” says Cathy.

King’s Jewelry is located at 609 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For more information, call 703.549.0011 or visit www.KingsJewelry.NET

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