Tame the Taboo: A New Type of Ladies Night

Tame the Taboo: A New Type of Ladies Night

Story by Katie Kissal, Kissal Communications, LLC

Until recently, with reasonable effort, I found it easy enough to achieve my health and fitness goals. However, at 45, aging gracefully is proving to be more difficult. My peers and I share a collective of seemingly small, intangible, bewildering and frustrating symptoms:

Random hot flashes. Sleepless nights. Unexplainable weight gain. Irregular menstrual cycles.

Yes, I’m referring to the inevitable “change,” AKA perimenopause. It can begin as early as 45 and last 8-10 years. That’s the bad news.

The good news is much more empowering... A medical movement is finally evolving to shed light, start open conversations and provide real treatment options.

DiscovHER Health Presents Tame the Taboo. Founder Jenna Perkins and her team are taking the area by storm with intimate, informative and enlightening sessions. Women in the DMV area are hosting ladies nights for friends and colleagues (libations welcome) with DiscovHER specialists for real (and validating) discussions about safe, evidence-based treatment options for menopause experiences.

Learn more about how menopause can be detrimental to your health, how estrogen decline affects your body and what you can do about it. Share the gift of knowledge and schedule a Tame the Taboo evening with DiscovHER Health at

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