Summer of Self-Care

Summer of Self-Care

Story by Katie Kissal, Kissal Communications, LLC

Self-care, by definition, includes “activities required for personal care such as eating, dressing or grooming, that can be managed by an individual without the assistance of others.” Although some might feel like the term is overused rampantly in the media, according to Dr. Lauren Fisher, clinical psychologist and co-owner of Del Ray Psych & Wellness, self-care is worthy of the media attention. Self-care directly aligns with the eight Dimensions of Wellness:


Daily exercise (even if just 20 minutes) supports regular and preventive health. The physical component also includes consistent sleep routines, healthy diets and only a moderate use of alcohol.


Stimulate your mind in a new way every day by learning something new. Take a break from social media, engage in or read about non-work activities and learn new skills.


It’s important to acknowledge all of your emotions, including the negative ones. Work to understand where they come from and do something constructive with them.


Social networks, big or small, help us understand who is there to help us, and support us and our overall role in these environments. Think about ways to expand social circles or use them more.


Spirituality does not need to subscribe to a religious belief. It’s a broader concept of how we feel connected to other people, nature, the world, a higher power and/or purpose. Spirituality develops compassion, empathy and happiness.

Vocational (or occupational)

Making use of your professional skills while maintaining personal satisfaction can lead to feelings of enrichment and reward.


Financial insecurity causes a great deal of everyday stress. Taking charge of your finances and developing a practical plan based on your resources can alleviate that stress.


The space around you can affect your outlook and stress. Tidy and clean spaces are much more calming than those full of clutter. Outdoor environments can reduce anger and stress, improve your mood and make you more relaxed.


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