Solutions to Hair Loss & Thinning

Solutions to Hair Loss & Thinning

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Contrary to what one might think, hair loss isn’t strictly related to genetics. It can be related to other factors including diet, hormones, and even stress. If you’ve kept up with world events lately, there’s plenty to be stressed about—and our scalps have been showing the effects.

Leah Lattus / Owner Holistic Hair Studio
Leah Lattus / Owner Holistic Hair Studio

Fortunately, there are solutions to hair loss and thinning that don’t require medical intervention or any kind of radical procedures. Simply put, it’s a method called hair retention. “Hair retention is the process of maintaining hair density and new growth on the scalp,” explains Leah Lattus, who opened the doors of Holistic Hair Studio to Alexandria in 2021. “Hair grows from a root of a follicle located under the skin and the average hair growth on the scalp is about a half-inch per month or six inches in a year. If you are experiencing a lack of growth or hair loss, hair retention may be the solution for you.”

A family-friendly salon offering haircuts, full-coverage color, balayage, highlights and special occasion hairstyling, Holistic Hair Studio is an organic hair salon that delivers holistic care with each service. With 20 years of experience in the industry, the team of professionals uses products that are completely organic, fair trade, gluten and soy-free, vegan and cruelty-free. “There is no ammonia, resorcinol or PPD in our products and they deliver excellent results with major health benefits to hair and skin,” says Lattus. Holistic Hair Studio is also a certified Green Circle salon. Most of their beauty waste is recycled, from hair clippings to left-over color mixtures. In addition, the salon partners with Children with Hair Loss, providing human hair replacement to children enduring medically-related hair loss.

Hair loss, in fact, is something that Holistic Hair Studio has seen an increase over the past few years. “COVID-19’s lasting effects have been known to cause hair loss,” says Lattus. “There has been a massive escalation in the need for our solution.”

“COVID-19’s lasting effects have been known to cause hair loss. There has been a massive escalation in the need for our solution.”

That solution is, as with all of the products and treatments at Holistic Hair, clean and organic. “We carry an organic, clean chemistry hair retention system for salon treatments and for at-home use,” Lattus notes. “This system, when used consistently, brings blood flow to the follicle, which will supply the root with oxygen and nutrients. This is what the hair needs to grow.”

And while you may be a little less than completely convinced, the results speak for themselves. “Our hair retention system by Oway has had wonderful reviews from the people who have tried it as a solution to their lack of growth or thinning hair,” Lattus contends. “Currently, it is our salon’s number one take-home product. Those who purchase have had great results and come back to purchase more. After two months of consistent use, we see greater hair density and the speed of growth increase[s].”

Side effects such as scalp irritation are uncommon but may occur. For those with sensitive scalps, there is a spray remedy formulated if the scalp has irritation prior to treatment. For the greatest efficacy, the at-home spray remedy needs to be applied consistently every day. The in-salon treatments are recommended monthly.

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