Say “Yes!” to Great Posture

Say “Yes!” to Great Posture

How to Take on the Aisle with Beauty + Confidence

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Featuring Dr. Shara Posner

Everyone wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day, and while they might go the extra mile to lose weight to fit into their dream dress, hire a hair and makeup team, start exercising to tone up, and get a great haircut and shave (yes, we see you, gentlemen), there’s one very important thing that many people don’t consider working on: their posture.


“Naturally, every bride and groom wants to be perceived as confident about their marriage, and having good posture makes you look more confident.”

Dr. Shara Posner, Back To Health Center


A practitioner for 15 years, Posner has seen her fair share of patients suffering from bad posture and knows the toll it can take on appearance. “Studies have shown that those with good posture not only look confident to others but also intrinsically feel better and are better able to reject negative self-images.” An important thing on such a big day, to be sure.

“Having good posture in a dress, tuxedo, or suit also ensures a great fit,” Posner goes on. “For example, imagine if a woman is wearing a strapless dress, her shoulders are rounded forward, chest region is pulled in and neck jutting our in front of her shoulders. This bride is destined to be constantly fidgeting with that dress, trying to pull it up—or, worse, she will feel like there is no room to breath due to the alteration. Instead, roll those shoulders back, line your ears up with your shoulders, and stand tall and proud. You will look spectacular and exude confidence that all you attendees will admire,” she advises.

Unfortunately, in this day and age of desk jobs and too many hours spent hunched over while we’re glued to our mobile devices, many of us have succumbed to poor posture which can, over an extended period of time, lead to lasting damage. “Good posture is the proper alignment of the ligaments, muscles, and bones,” Posner explains. “By contrast, bad posture is indicative of an irregular alignment of the bones. This can cause an abnormal amount of wear-and-tear on the joints, often resulting in arthritis as well as increased stress on the ligaments, which risks injury and decreases the body’s efficiency, which ultimately leads to muscle fatigue and strain and even decreased concentration.”

Texting and desk jobs aside, there are also a few other culprits in causing our tendencies to slump. “Poor posture can be caused by improper ergonomics while doing everyday activities, but it can also be the result of such things as stress, pregnancy, or wearing high heels, as well as having abnormally tight muscles or weakened muscles,” Posner says.

So what should we do about it? “Becoming consciously aware of your posture and correcting it is a great start,” Posner recommends. “Seeing a chiropractor, getting an evaluation, and doing exercises to improve posture is a great way to learn how to strengthen the core postural muscles and prevent injury. Exercises are usually assigned to stretch the chest muscles and retract the neck or cervical spine, and I usually take pictures of my patients’ posture and assign posture-correcting exercises accordingly. Pilates and yoga are great practices to incorporate body awareness and alignment, as well.”

As you prepare for your Happily Ever After, think about how you want to look aside from just the simple aesthetics of hair, makeup, and wardrobe. You want to look strong, proud, and confident when you take your vows. You’re facing forever, so take a deep breath and stand tall… You got this.


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