Salon deZEN Wants You To GO PURPLE For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!

Salon deZEN Wants You To GO PURPLE For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and Salon deZEN is going PURPLE!

What better way to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer than to rock some purple hair? The temporary extensions that Salon deZEN is offering are just $40 and are quickly and easily placed, cut to length and blended by their professional team! 100% of these sales will be donated to PanCAN (Pancreatic Cancer Action Network), which is an organization that is near and dear to owner Maria Elizabeth's heart.

Maria's passion to get involved was inspired by her friend and colleague, Amy Benitez. Amy lost her Mom, Georgia Sobolewski, to pancreatic cancer on May 4, 2019. She has been spreading the word and sharing this initiative ever since! Her hope is that Alexandria will get involved in the fight against the horrible disease that stole her Mom away from her and her family way too soon.



Maria Elizabeth + Amy Benitez

The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is a mere 9% because most individuals receive a Stage 4 diagnosis. This is the lowest 5-year survival rate of ANY cancer. With mild symptoms, people often dismiss them as normal fluctuations in their bodies. The time is NOW to bring more awareness to the symptoms which include: mid-back pain, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, stomach pain, indigestion, new-onset diabetes, jaundice, and changes in stool. When pancreatic cancer is diagnosed at Stage 1, the five-year survival rate increases to 34%. It is estimated that in 2020, about 57,600 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and about 47,050 will die from this horrible disease.

The statistics are unsettling. However, with more awareness, research, and funding, we can ultimately increase the survival rate and give patients and their families more time together.

In addition to the fundraiser at Salon deZEN, Maria and Amy encourage you to join in on the "Light it UP Purple" campaign on November 16. Not only does switching out a light bulb to purple help shed light on this deadly disease, but it also gives honor to those who have passed or who are battling the third deadliest cancer in the United States.



So... c'mon, Alexandria! Rock the PURPLE hair. Light up our city PURPLE! And then, when someone asks you, "Why purple?"... you'll have the answers.

For more information, please email: Lastly, don’t forget to snap a picture of your purple hair and/or light and post to IG or FB with the hashtags #WPCD #immunovia #PANCaware #earlydetection. Be sure to tag @salondezen and @vipalxmag

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