Red Ladies 2024: Becky Harris

Red Ladies 2024: Becky Harris

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Portrait by Jonathan Thorpe

Becky Harris believes in the power of a good rye—both in the making and in the drinking. “For me, making rye is connecting people through spirits to the early agricultural history of the region, when tobacco was the main crop and rye, the cover crop, was turned into currency by becoming whiskey,” says Harris, co-owner, co-founder and chief distiller at Catoctin Creek. “All of this was before the American Revolution. This is a history lesson which can be used to tell stories, relax and celebrate special occasions.”

"The healthcare system has been historically less attuned to the needs of women, particularly women of color. It’s crucial to bring awareness to the fact that women can present very differently from men in many conditions, particularly heart disease. It takes focus and repetition to create change, and I’m glad the Go Red movement highlights this need."

- Becky

Harris is clearly passionate about her work, and that translates into the interactions she has on a daily basis. “I truly enjoy hearing how people discovered our products and their favorite ways to enjoy them,” she says.

Being business partners with her husband, Harris’s work and home life are deeply intertwined. “My husband has been an integral part of our business since day one,” she says. “He runs the business side of our work, making it possible for me to work creatively in the production side. He’s also my number one cheerleader and reminds me to build in time into my schedule to rest, so I can keep from burning out.”


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