Red Ladies 2023 | Dr. Shara Posner

Red Ladies 2023 | Dr. Shara Posner

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography Jonathan Thorpe

In private practice in the Alexandria community since 2004, Dr. Shara Posner is a trusted member of the medical community through her work as a chiropractor and as the creator of the Mobile Momma Method, which was designed to help relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains without expensive therapies and medication.

As a business owner, she makes it a priority to support other female entrepreneurs. “I spend a significant time cultivating these relationships,” she says. “I consult with them, offering unique perspectives for business growth and connect them with individuals to create partnerships. I also frequent local female-owned businesses, showing my support through social media endorsements and retail. Outside of work, I love spending time with my girlfriends for fun! In my years of practice, I have been a contributing member of the Old Town Boutique District, given sponsorships to local schools and participated in several waterfront events.”

“Unfortunately, I lost my grandfather to heart disease and it was pretty devastating. As a result, I’ve always felt it’s important to educate people about heart health and how to decrease their risk factors for prevention.” - Dr. Shara Posner

The wife and mother of two considers her greatest impact the legacy she leaves for her children. “I hope that the gift I give them is the example of taking care of your body and mind for a happy, long and fulfilled life—and [having] the tools to do so,” she says. “I believe, as a healthcare professional, it’s my responsibility to lead by example. When people watch my videos on IG or TikTok or even see me at the gym, they see that I’m a real person who practices what I preach. Health and wellness don’t happen overnight and they aren’t ruined by one bad meal. Working and showing up consistently for yourself will lead to a happier, healthier life, so I encourage—and practice—regular meditation, movement, self-care and self-love.”




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