Quick Workouts With Big Results in Alexandria

Quick Workouts With Big Results in Alexandria

All About HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

As much as we want to wake up each morning and exercise – whether it’s hitting the gym, going out for a run or a walk, or biking – the insanely busy lives we lead often get in the way. Add to that the nationwide lockdowns resulting from the COVID pandemic and you have a recipe for unachieved personal fitness goals. In a world where we have less time to do the things we want, trying to squeeze in a workout can be a challenge.

Carlo Pascasio and his wife Ann own and operate Get Fit Studio in Old Town Alexandria. They are also parents to two young children, so they can relate to the pressures of juggling their professional and personal lives.

They know that many of us can’t spend two hours at the gym hitting the weights or doing cardio exercises. Lucky for us, we don't need to carve out hours per day to get fit. Carlo is a proponent and instructor of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. This growing trend promises the best workout in the least amount of time. Last year, fitness professionals voted HIIT one of the top fitness trends in the country.

So, what is HITT? It is a training technique in which you give a one hundred percent, all-out effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise. This is followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time. The majority of HIIT workouts simply use your body weight since the goal is to get your heart rate up and keeping it there. High knees, fast feet, or anything like jumping lunges works well at getting your heart rate up fast.

This type of high-intensity training increases your metabolic rate and can give you a metabolism boost for up to two days after a routine. You will be burning fat even after you’ve left a session at Get Fit Studio. Other benefits include burning more calories and fat (but not muscle) and improving your overall endurance and stamina.

Carlo Pascasio and his wife Ann own and operate Get Fit Studio in Old Town Alexandria

HIIT practitioners are more likely to stick to these workouts because they are versatile and only require thirty minutes or less to do them. This will allow you more time to take care of your many other responsibilities.

If you are curious about HIIT training and its health benefits or want to give it a try, there’s no better place than Get Fit Studio, located at 277 S. Washington Street in Alexandria. Whether you are a new client or a regular, Carlo and Ann offer a complimentary fitness assessment to better understand your fitness level, talk about personal goals, and come up with a customized plan to get you there – either in one-on-one or group sessions.

Investing in your personal fitness will pay dividends in leaps and bounds. Say yes to HIIT, marvel at the results, and enjoy a healthier you!

To learn more, visit www.getfitstudiova.com

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