Proposing Soon? This is Everything You Need to Know About Pear-shaped Diamonds & Gemstones

Proposing Soon? This is Everything You Need to Know About Pear-shaped Diamonds & Gemstones

Our friends at Dejan Studio Jewelry noticed that several years ago, round center diamonds and gemstones were very popular. These past few years however, they have been getting more interest in rings with pear-shaped center stones. They like to combine this shape with round side stones and with different textures. It is also nice to make the setting off center for a completely unique angle and look.

The image above is from Dejan Studio clients in the UK, Rebecca and Josh. Rebecca's one-of-a-kind engagement ring made in white gold with a sapphire center stone goes beautifully with Josh's textured palladium wedding band with yellow gold inlay.

A pear-shaped, also known as a tear-drop gemstone has an interesting cut that combines the marquise-cut and round-cut gemstone to create a unique shape with fiery reflection. It looks great with or without a halo of diamonds around it. If you are trying to decide what cut of center stone you would like for your engagement ring, consider the option of getting a unique pear-shape that will truly sparkle on your finger.

Another helpful thing you can do if you are debating if you would like to use a pear-shaped stone or different cut for the center of your engagement ring is to go to Dejan Studio to try some of their Timeless rings made in different materials and discuss options for designing a custom ring with your choice of center stone. Some examples made with different colored rose-cut diamonds in palladium, 18K yellow, and 18K rose gold are shown above.

Dejan Studio clients Noelle & Taylor from Philadelphia commissioned a palladium 3-piece wedding set with a lovely sapphire center stone (Taylor's birthstone). This set combines texture, 18K yellow gold inlay, and different colors of brilliant cut diamonds.

'I ended up designing a beautiful sapphire engagement ring (my fiancé’s birth stone) surrounded by diamonds and a complementary set of two modern bands with yellow and green diamonds mixed with some white diamonds from my grandmother's wedding band. I told Dejan how important the ocean is to me and the set beautifully captures the colors of the sea and is like nothing I have ever seen before. Dejan wove specks of gold throughout the diamonds and it looks like sunlight upon crashing waves. The sparkle cannot be captured on film and is truly magical to see.' -Noelle

Pictured above on the right is a timeless palladium engagement ring made with a one-of-a-kind gray rose-cut center diamond. Below are two past commissions, an 18K rose gold wedding ring set with a beautiful pear-shaped rose-cut center diamond with fantastic reflection, and next to this is an engagement ring in white gold with a 1 ¼ ct. sapphire center stone.

Sometimes a potential client comes visit Dejan Studio to try on rings and is not sure which way to even wear the pear-shaped diamond ring. There can be a question of whether to wear it point up or point down.

When you wear a ring with the point facing out towards your finger tips, it can have a slimming effect on your fingers. But of course, at Dejan Studio Jewelry they like to think there are no rules.

Above are some examples of custom rings using brilliant-cut pear-shaped center stones. The middle design is a platinum and 14K gold commission engagement ring. The other rings with an off-set center stone are made using river and hammer texture inspired by Dejan Studio's Genius of Nature Collection.

Click here to see more examples of past commission work.

When it comes to pear-shaped gems and diamonds, they also make great accent stones like in the yellow gold custom rings above. The 3 rings combined on the right made in different colors of gold combines a pear-shaped center sapphire with round diamond and sapphire side stones. With the different shapes, the possibilities are endless!

Please contact Dejan Studio if you are interested in making a visit to the studio to go over options for a completely unique design.

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