Organize Your Life with Lavender Organizes

Organize Your Life with Lavender Organizes

We’ve all experienced shifts in our schedules and routines over the last several months. Some of us used the time to get organized but most of us treated our quarantine at home like a well-deserved (and very long) vacation. Our living spaces became cluttered. We ignored the piles of who knows what began to grow and expand. Our stir-crazy children treated the house like they were in the wild west. We surrounded ourselves in chaos because, who cares about organization when there is so much Netflix to catch up on?

Well, friends... we hate to be the bearers of bad news but it's time to stop ignoring the clutter and organize our lives. Here are a few great tips from Lavender Organizes to get your started!

Stop procrastinating!

Waking up every morning and making your bed is a habit some of us are great at and others don’t see the point, but it does start your day off with at least one task complete which can set the tone for the rest of your day. Likewise, putting your laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer, makes sure you complete the task instead of letting your clean clothes pile up on a chair or in the hamper where your dirty laundry needs to go.

Everything has its place.

Making a home for everything in your home is vital to staying organized. Simple things like having a cup for all of your pens, a key hook or a mail bin can keep your life and your home much more organized. Collecting mail in a bin when you bring it inside, then selecting a couple times a week to sort through it can also help you keep on task of dealing with mail as well as bills instead of randomly piling them on counters and tables where they can get lost.

Choose your themes.

Each room in the house should have a theme and should tell a story. Having a simple theme and color scheme in each room keeps the mind from jumping around and feeling overwhelmed. Also, use calming colors like grays, blues, greens and lilac as foundation colors in each room while bolder colors should be used as accents based on the theme of the room. Fresh flowers are also a great way to make a space feel cleaner and more organized.

Buy one, give one. Donate and consign.

Often it is difficult to let things go because we know they are still useful even if we haven’t used them in months or even years. One way to deal with these thought patterns is to find a new home for the items; donations to charities and shelters are a fantastic way to feel better about discarding the item while doing some good for the world. If the item isn’t something you’re ready to give away for free, check out a local consignment shop and make a little extra money while decluttering your home. Also, always make a habit of when you buy something new, especially clothing, you clear out one of a similar item that you haven’t worn in a while to keep from collecting clutter in the first place.


COVID-19 UPDATE (as of July 12, 2020) Lavender Organizes is still operating as normal but understands that safety comes first. They will come wearing gloves, and have N95 mask on. They will Lysol spray the area in which they are to work before and after once they are finished. They will also follow the social distance requirements of 6ft.  

To schedule your consultation with Lavender, please visit or call (304) 320-5595.

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