Muscle Up: 7 Tips for Maximizing Muscle Recovery

Muscle Up: 7 Tips for Maximizing Muscle Recovery

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We’ve all been there: You did a killer workout that you feel like you could die from, but you’re sooo proud of yourself for hanging in there. Now that you’ve peeled yourself up off the floor, you’re going to have to think about muscle recovery. We’ve got a helpful list of things you can do to make you feel human again. Hydrate Water is uber-important to your body’s functions—and that includes your muscles’ ability to repair themselves. When you’re dehydrated, muscles can’t do what they’re designed to do and take longer to get back to full strength. Drink 16 to 24 ounces of fluid for every pound lost during your sweat session. Water Therapy Try a contrast bath, which uses submersion in very warm water and then alternating with submersion in very cold water to stimulate the contraction and dilation of blood vessels, which changes your heart rate. It also helps reduce muscle soreness after a workout. To take things up a notch, add a CBD bath bomb to your warm bath. The CBD will enter your skin and soothe your tight muscles. Massage Massage has been proven to improve flexibility and decrease delayed muscle soreness after intense exercise. It's also a great excuse to call Sven.

Avoid Alcohol Your nightly glass of wine might help you relax, but consuming alcohol after intense, prolonged exercise actually impairs your muscles’ ability to replenish glycogen as well as their ability to create protein stores. Sleep Sleeping allows your muscles to recover from exercise. People who exercise intensely need even more rest. Don’t get much sleep? You’re getting in the way of muscle recovery by impairing your body’s inflammation reaction as well as its production of hormones that support the growth of muscle. Compression Therapy Wearing compression garments (socks, sleeves, etc.) during exercise can speed muscle recovery time post-workout. They’ve become extremely popular with athletes for this reason. Motion | CBD

The cannabinoid-rich extract in this roll-on product penetrates the skin to reach deep into your muscle tissue and relieve tension. The easy-to-use applicator contains 200mg 4% Lidocaine. Rub some in after a workout to help relieve tightness. It's also great for on-the-go topical application.

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