Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Teddy Kim

Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Teddy Kim

Story by Jeanette Wages

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Teddy Kim | Principal of Avanti Holdings Group, LLC
Teddy Kim | Principal of Avanti Holdings Group, LLC

Teddy Kim is a true Alexandria local. Born and raised here, his passion for this city has been proven, time and time again, in all he does as a real estate developer - a career that began when he was no more than a teenager.

At the young age of 17, Teddy discovered his love for travel on a trip with friends to Amsterdam. There was no itinerary, no hotel and no parental supervision; nothing more than an eye opening adventure.

After that, experiencing new cultures became second nature to Teddy. Two years later, he went to Israel for work despite the warnings that Israel was dangerous. What he experienced there was completely different from what his friends thought they knew of the country. “People would try to project their fear on me and the trip. Living by love more than fear, I couldn’t relate and went anyway. When I got there, everything was beautiful. The beaches were amazing, the people were nice, and the Mediterranean food was incredible!”

FUN FACT: Teddy has not owned a TV in over a decade

Teddy has now traveled to 58 countries, staying at Relais & Châteaux, boutique hotels with chef owners, as often as possible. When returning home from his travels, he tries to apply the architecture he has seen and innovations other countries use to preserve their history while still moving forward in design. “Traveling is such an invaluable learning experience and is where I have learned almost everything; how to embrace cultural differences, negotiation, critical thinking and personal growth. I am also so inspired by the different food, architecture, art, and nature, which recharges my own creativity to fuel what I do back home.”

Teddy has combined the love of his home city with the desire to explore and experience the world perfectly.


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