Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Michael Aristo Leonard II

Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Michael Aristo Leonard II by Jeanette Wages

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

President, Co-Founding Partner  |  LEONARDPATEL
President, Co-Founding Partner | LEONARDPATEL

Growing up in the Rust Belt in Cleveland, Michael Leonard cheered for the Browns and drove large tractors for the park system. A far cry from those days, Michael is now a President and Co-Founder of a Patent Law Firm, representing aerospace, software, nuclear, and consumer products spaces. Recently, a large portion of their work has focused on artificial intelligence (AI) applications for technologies that observe, learn from, and mimic human behavior to interact with computers in a similar manner to humans.

Michael’s journey into patent law began after attending The University of Virginia. He was working as a software engineering consultant in Cleveland when he noticed the mismanagement of the consulting firm he worked for. He realized that he was not where he was meant to be. To not call his time in school and on this path a complete waste, he returned to school, this time focusing on patent law.

Favorite Formula 1 Racing Driver: Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes who wears the same hat that Michael is photographed in (above) when not in his racing helmet.

After graduating, he relocated to DC and worked for small and large firms before breaking out with his now partner to begin their current firm. His love of his hometown and the Browns still rings through even after years of disappointment from his team but is adopting a love for the Nationals as Alexandria has become his home.

He and his wife, Mary, love supporting the local craft beer and wine scene while experimenting in the kitchen, most recently with Indian and Thai food.


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