Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Jonathan Thorpe

Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Jonathan Thorpe

Story by Jeanette Wages

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

One doesn’t normally spend years in school to become a doctor only to turn around 30 days into practicing and walk away to chase a new passion. However, that’s exactly what Jonathan Thorpe did.

When Jonathan graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 2008, he received a camera as a graduation gift from his mother. That is where his life began to change course. He worked his first gig that same year. With no professional experience under his belt, he shot a major sports tournament and much to his surprise sold one of his photos that was then seen in sporting shops across America. From then on photography became his passion, with a side of motorcycles.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure: Jonathan has NEVER had a cup of coffee.

Last year Jonathan was in a major motorcycle accident in which he was thrown from his bike and was clinically dead for 4 minutes. “Life is so much better after you die, it’s like now I can truly live.” Letting nothing stand in the way of his passions, he’s still out on the open road, still working on bikes and of course shooting every picture he can, including this VIP spread.

Jonathan works with major national brands traveling the country for shoots as well as teaching and lecturing to help young photographers find their voice and confidence. His vision is focused and there is no looking back!


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