Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Adris Tabibi

Most Interesting Men of Alexandria: Adris Tabibi

Story by Jeanette Wages

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Head Bartender | The Majestic
Adris Tabibi | Head Bartender at The Majestic

Adris Tabibi spent the first few years of his life in the Cognac region of France with his mother, making French his first language and shaping his future thoughts on the world of food and culture. He quickly dropped the French language, adopting English after moving to Alexandria and attending the Montessori school. Alexandria quickly became home. To stay local, he attended college at George Mason University studying Music Production.

Adris became a certified sound engineer, working in recording studio sessions and even working as a DJ for a few years in DC. Later, Adris became a Director at the Howard Theater managing a large team while helping rebuild a business. Unfortunately, this led to him feeling as though his life was out of balance. He missed being around people every day. Deciding he needed some time to re-center and breathe, he returned to France, immersing himself back into the food and beverage scene which had always been a passion.

Guilty Pleasure: Adris has a love for high-end couture and sneakers and has traveled the world for sneaker releases.

While in France, he learned about the oyster industry by working on an oyster farm. When he was ready to return to the USA, he knew he wanted to go back into bartending, the career where he was always the happiest. Today, you’ll see him at The Majestic, chatting with regulars and people visiting Alexandria for the first time, while wowing them with creative cocktails and the energy of someone who has passion for every moment of their life.


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