Molly Lichten: From Neuroscience To Photography—The Journey Of A Lifetime

Molly Lichten: From Neuroscience To Photography—The Journey Of A Lifetime

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Molly Lichten

Studies show that most people are either left-brain dominant or right-brain dominant, logical or creative. It dictates how we respond to things, how we connect with people, our hobbies, our talents, often even our professions. And while Molly Lichten initially followed her left-brain tendencies in pursuing a path toward neuroscience, it took only one wedding to make her right-brain wake up and find what made her truly passionate. “I attended my college commencement ceremony in the morning and then drove to Annapolis that same afternoon for my first paid wedding photography job—and that began the journey of a lifetime.”

Since realizing where her heart truly lies, Lichten has averaged about 25 weddings a year and has developed a successful bi-coastal photography business, primarily dividing her time between Virginia and California, though she has photographed weddings and engagement sessions all over the country. “This past April, I photographed my 100th wedding,” she says proudly. “This has been an incredible whirlwind, and I feel so lucky to have found a profession that makes me so happy and fulfilled.”


'Photographing a wedding is not just about taking pictures—it's about collecting little fragments of time and capturing moments, memories, and most importantly, the feeling.'


Making her clients equally happy with what develops from her shoots, Lichten works closely with her subjects to determine exactly what they’re looking for, though she relies on her talent and intuition as an artist to achieve the perfect shots. “Every wedding is unique, and my services are designed to reflect each couple. I guide them through every step of the photography process and form real connections with them so that I am able to capture and tell their love stories in the most authentic way,” she explains.

For Lichten, this means employing a photographic style that is a mix between documentary and lifestyle. “I absolutely love capturing the little moments, the candid shots, and the spontaneous pictures of people and life. I’ve never been drawn to posed or highly styled shots, but I have no problem directing or curating a shot to capture the best possible picture, most flattering angle, or prettiest light,” she says. While her talent is undeniable, it is her passion that most resonates with her clients.


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