Men's Hair: The Pompadour Fade

Men's Hair: The Pompadour Fade

If you’ve seen the pompadour fade around Alexandria, you aren’t alone. You know the look – thick on the top, but cool and short on the sides. It’s become the most requested men’s hairstyle at Cut and Shave Barbershop, which has two locations in Alexandria.

The classic pompadour hairstyle first became popular in the 1950s, but the look has changed a lot since then. Back in the 50s, the style was more structured and neater. Today, there is more variety in the style, be it looser, tighter, or more natural.

With so many ways to customize the cut, it's no wonder that the pompadour fade has become popular. On the top, the hair can be as tight or loose as you want. On the side, the skin fade can be as low or thick as you want. The hairstyle allows for tremendous customization and individualization for that personalized look.

Further variation can be added when you incorporate a beard or other facial hair, something not seen as often in the 50s, but much more common today.

According to Xuan Le of Cut n’ Shave Barbershop, other commonly requested hairstyles are the undercut, quaff, comb over, and slick back.

“We basically do whatever styles clients ask for,” says Le. “The trends I see at our shops are the fade with low or medium skin.”

'I love doing hair, so just being able to make customers happy with their haircut is my favorite.' -Xuan Le

Le loves doing hair and takes pride in every cut. “I love doing hair, so just being able to make customers happy with their haircut is my favorite.” Despite the current coronavirus pandemic, the barbershop remains open for customers, so long as they wear a mask.

Next time you are due for a cut, consider giving the stylish pompadour fade a try!


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