Maurisa Turner Potts

Maurisa Turner Potts

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

“I strongly believe in getting to know someone personally before we do business,” says Maurisa Turner Potts. Maurisa is the owner of Spotted MP, a boutique strategic marketing & PR firm based in Alexandria, with clients that include some of the top names in local business and development. Relationship building, she says, is key to creating an impact. She maintains close connections with major media outlets that include The Today Show, The Washington Post, and People Magazine. “I pride myself in keeping my professional relationships very tight and long-term.”

Maurisa started her own business during the recession in 2008. She left behind a career in corporate America in search of a more intimate approach to marketing. It was a decision that she says was not easy as a young, Black woman, but hopes it serves as an inspiration to others. “I often have conversations with women who don’t believe they can achieve a goal because of their skin color. I try to empower them by sharing my story of adversity and finding a way to push through. It is possible.”

'As women, we need to recognize that our health is our most important asset.”

Especially rewarding, she says, is the opportunity to work with non-profits, in particular the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, the National Council on Aging and the Tigerlily Foundation, a breast cancer advocacy organization with a special focus on health disparities affecting the African-American community. “I think it’s important for these organizations to have a voice for their cause and it is personally rewarding to share their stories,” she says of her work.

Maurisa’s personal philosophy is 'prevention vs. correction'' in living a healthy lifestyle. “As a busy working mom, it is a must for me to put my health first so I can be my best self for my loved ones. Women so often take care of others that they may neglect their own health needs. I workout my heart first in the morning 5-6 times a week before I jump into my busy daily schedule. Scheduling this 'me time' is non-negotiable. Weekly I make a healthy meal plan, am regularly proactive in scheduling routine doctor appointments, and understand the power of getting enough sleep. The greatest gift we can give ourselves and our family all year long is our health. As women, we need to recognize that our health is our most important asset.”

A style maven whose personal apparel leans towards 'sophisticated and sassy,' Maurisa studied fashion merchandising and marketing at Virginia Tech and is the long-time marketer for the Old Town Boutique District. She lives in Alexandria with her husband, 12-year-old son, and new pup Laine.


Join Maurisa in her mission to Go Red for Women by making a donation in her name to the Go Red for Women campaign.

Join the movement. Raise awareness. Go red.

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