Mary Edwards: Warrior. Suvivor. Thriver.

Mary Edwards: Warrior. Suvivor. Thriver.

Story by Jeanette Wages | Photography Courtesy of Martha Carucci

No one ever wants to hear the words “you have cancer.” Especially not when you have already beaten it once. For Mary Edwards, these words became a new mission.

After having gone into remission for Breast Cancer, Mary decided to create a mural of angel wings that people could pose in front of as a symbol of victory over cancer. Unfortunately, since the creation of the first mural, her cancer has returned.


The Virtual Walk to Bust Cancer 2020 may have passed, but it's never too late to donate! For more information on the Walk to Bust Cancer or the National Breast Center Foundation, visit


Since her latest diagnosis, the wings have taken on new meaning. With the Walk to Bust Cancer having to go virtual this year because of Covid, the committee took the wings out into the community and people all over Alexandria posed with them and shared their photographs on social media. The wings helped spread a little of Mary's positivity and have created a legacy of hope and strength for decades to come.

With the angel wings help to raise awareness about the 5th annual Walk to Bust Cancer in Alexandria, this virtual event has raised more than $125,000 in support of breast cancer testing, research and treatment—especially for low-income and uninsured women—for the The National Breast Center Foundation.

“Mary is a true warrior and inspiration to so many as she battles her breast cancer—which has now metastasized to her brain—with optimism and grace. She has volunteered on the Walk to Bust Cancer committee since it started and has chosen the motto on the back of the survivor T-shirts every year.' - Martha Carucci, Executive Director at National Breast Center Foundation

The first year the t-shirts said, 'She Knew She Could So She Did,' the second year was '#wegetup,” the third year was “#nevergiveup” and this year is 'Warrior. Survivor. Thriver.”


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