Love Story: Jaimie + Yves

Love Story: Jaimie + Yves
By Liesel Schmidt
The number three has a significance to Jaimie Metellus and Yves Lebrun, who met each other at a concert given by Haiti's former president on September 10, 2017.
“Yves saw me inside and stopped me three times to tell me how beautiful I looked that night,” says Jaimie, who, like Yves, is Haitian-American. “I was with a group of friends/cousins, who he said looked like my bodyguards. He waited until we were leaving, when they all went to get the car, to ask for my number. He called me that same night and we went out three days later.”
That three days turned into a year and a half of dating. Then, Yves took things to the next level. “We went to Honduras for vacation and he found a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water and we were the only people there,” Jaimie says. “He asked the waiter to put the ring in my dessert—and I almost ate it!”
The next ring Jamie received was on September 13, 2020, as she stood with Yves in the Bellevue Conference and Event Center wearing a floral-inspired elegant off-the-shoulder lace dress with an A-line silhouette and sheer, structured bodice featuring a slight plunge and floral booms. Surrounded by 250 guests, the couple exchanged rings and vows and were pronounced married before joining everyone for an on-site reception. 
“Our wedding was literally a celebration from start until finish—an absolute party,” says Jamie.
“Before the reception even started, people were on the dance floor. We had a party conga line and the servers, bartenders, vendors and all the guests danced throughout the entire venue. Our day was filled with so much joy and happiness. We were supposed to finish the wedding before midnight, but we were having such a good time that the venue let us finish at almost 2:00 AM. I don't think I ever had such a fun time at any wedding until this day!”
The newly married Lebruns honeymooned for three weeks in Turkey, visiting Istanbul, Cappadocia, Bodrum and Pamukkale, once again demonstrating the power of "three."
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