Let's Plan Your WINE-tastic Summer Soireé

Let's Plan Your WINE-tastic Summer Soireé


an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.


All that’s missing from that definition is... wine.



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As you plan your perfect summer soirée, we have some great insight into the must-haves for your prep list—with all the wine tips to keep your guests happy and the party going strong.



As with clothing, wines in the summer months should tend toward the lighter varietals. “Some options for whites are vinho verde, which translates as 'green wine’ and comes from a small region in Northern Portugal,” suggests Lisa Katic, Owner, Chief Wine Taster and Artist at Wine Gallery 108. “It’s known for its mouth-watering acidity and fresh character. The alcohol content is also low, making it a great choice for outdoor daytime entertaining." 

“Another white option is Txakoli, pronounced chock-oh-lee, which is the Basque region of Spain’s refreshing, effervescent sipper just perfect for summer picnics and celebrations,” she continues. “And rosé is always a great option because it will pair with any food you have at the table. From fruity to bone dry, rosé will get you through the party from sparkling to start and still wines to finish.”

For red lovers, Katic suggests stocking a few light reds. “Think Frappato, which is a rarer wine from Sicily, but bursting with bright berry fruit and is medium-bodied with low tannins. You can slightly chill this wine if you are hosting your soirée outdoors.”



Temperature is key in serving wine and encouraging optimal flavor. Says Katic, “These should all be served chilled, but not overly chilled. You don’t want to mask the flavor of the fruit by immersing the bottles too long in ice. The reds don’t need to be chilled to the same temperature as the whites, but be sure to pop your bottles in the fridge for 20-30 minutes before serving and set[ting them] on the table for your guests.”



“Pick a white and either a rosé or red, and each guest can decide if they want to stay with one type of wine or sample them,” says Katic, who has been in the wine and hospitality arena on and off since her late teens. “That way, your guests are not trying to taste through six or more different wines, which can get confusing and choppy. There are, on average, four glasses per bottle, and you’ll want to plan for two to three glasses per person depending on the length of the party.” By using that equation, you should be able to determine how many bottles you’ll need for your guests.



Food is also an important part on any gathering, so be sure to have some refreshing bites to offer your guests. Think about how they pair with your wines. “The foods can be endless,” says Katic. “Anything from light cheeses and charcuterie items to finger sandwiches, frittata, even grilled veggies. It’s fun to mix it up and try various dishes with different wines to see what fits your tastes.”



You have the wine and the food, but setting the scene is another key point in party planning. And who doesn’t love accessorizing? “Some fun accessories for entertaining are wine charms or erasable pens for writing on each person’s glass,” says Katic. “You can let the guest write their name or title or have the group decide each person’s moniker depending on the familiarity of the guests. If you are hosting a picnic, then wine glass stakes are helpful to secure each glass and prevent from spilling your wine. The sets have bottle holders, as well, if you need to hold the bottle upright. Chilled wine glass cozies or freezable glasses can be a welcome option for outdoor celebrations in warmer weather to keep drinks chilled."

“Glassware can be fun, as well,” Katic goes on to suggest. “Anything from Mason jars to stemless wine glasses are good choices for summer entertaining. You don’t have to get too serious about glasses, since your wines are young and fresh and meant to be drunk not too long after bottling.”


Have Fun

Whether red, white or rosé, your soirée is all about having fun with your guests. Enjoy the party and leave stress off the invite list, and your guests will enjoy it just as much as you!

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