Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap Finds Inspiration from the Coast for the Latest The Loft at Lena’s Sum

Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap Finds Inspiration from the Coast for the Latest The Loft at Lena’s Sum

Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap, located in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, today revealed its summer theme for The Loft at Lena’s. The new dining experience titled The Loft at Lena’s – Oceans 21 draws from the breathtaking and serene coasts of the Northeast. Guests are immersed in beautiful hues of blue reminiscent of ocean waves, natural woods, and batik patterns that transport you to white sandy beaches and endless ocean waters. You can practically hear the waves crash, the cry of seagulls, feel the sun on your shoulders and the sand beneath your toes.

Stepping into The Loft at Lena’s – Oceans 21 feels like arriving at your favorite beach town restaurant after a long day of sun and fun on the beach. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow for an abundance of natural light into the 4,500 sq ft loft that transcends summer vacation vibes of rejuvenation and tranquility. Dive deep into the blue through the custom illustrations of sea creatures and large-scale ocean photography on the walls. The name – Oceans 21 – is a nod to how everyone is feeling this summer post-pandemic with all the excitement of a getaway on your horizon. Enjoy the salty sea breezes this season right here in Alexandria at The Loft at Lena’s – Oceans 21.

The experience menu for Oceans 21 delights with simple and light dishes of the season, paired with bright and refreshing signature summer cocktails. Seasonal yet classic menu items such as jumbo shrimp cocktail, fresh jumbo lump crab cakes, burrata & prosciutto salad, and scallops and fregola pasta. Refreshing specialty cocktails such as the Solara Spritzer and the Sugarbeet Mojito takes us to the tiny seacoast towns throughout the Northeast. On Thursday nights, Oceans 21 will delight guests with live entertainment by local musical groups.

The intense and vast transformation of Lena’s seasonal space happens in less than five days. Oceans 21 is the third concept that has transformed the space at The Loft at Lena’s, creating multiple immersive experiences that transport guests to various seasonal settings. The first concept, The Loft at Lena’s – Winter Lodge, which debuted in December 2020, was a huge success. The Loft at Lena’s – Full Bloom spring concept adorned the space with an abundance of vibrant flower-themed treatments which drew record diners from across the region. The Yates Family, who owns Lena’s, partnered with Katie Kirby from REVOLUTION for the seasonal concepts.

According to Jason Yates, “The Yates Family has really enjoyed bringing fresh and varied experiences to the neighborhood. The past 15 months have been so difficult on everyone and we were able to create safe, unique venues that let people take a break and relax, if only for a little while. We look forward to sharing our summer theme and welcoming you all back to The Loft at Lena’s .”

The Yates family has always been deeply committed to the health and safety of its patrons and team members. In addition to meeting and exceeding CDC COVID-19 guidelines and being a proud ALX Promise Pledge Partner, innovative, state-of-the-art, disinfection technology fans that kill 99.99% of airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19 were installed in The Loft at Lena’s space and run continuously 24 hours a day. The Haiku fans by Lexington, Kentucky based manufacturer, Big Ass Fans®, are part of the Clean Air System that uses UV-C technology to deliver cleaner and safer air. The space also has open-air windows to let fresh air in and the HVAC equipment has been programmed to bring additional fresh air in from outside as opposed to only recirculating the air within the space.

Now Open: Starting June 25 @ 5PM

Oceans 21 Open for Lunch and Dinner and Brunch (Saturday and Sunday) Reservations recommended

Where: Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap

401 E. Braddock Road

Alexandria, VA 22301

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Facebook: FB.com/LenasWoodFire

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