Kristen Jones: The Mompreneurial Spirit

Kristen Jones: The Mompreneurial Spirit

Story by Liesel Schmidt

As a highly respected and sought after real estate agent in the area, Kristen Jones is the embodiment of what a Realtor should be, an “all-in” kind of person who invests in her clients and dedicates her time to giving them everything they need, from helping them pick the perfect paint colors and stains for their hardwood flooring, to ordering light fixtures and furnishing their new homes. No detail is overlooked and no aspect is left unconsidered. It’s just how she conducts business, and it’s also one of the reasons she’s become such a powerhouse throughout Northern Virginia.

For Jones, these core values come naturally, an extension of the fact that she is a lover of people who has turned her inherent ability to make connections and innate talent for design into a successful career as a Realtor specializing in the Alexandria market. Add to that her deep passion for the area and knowledge of what’s going on in the local community, and you have a dynamo who’s determined to make her mark in the local real estate scene—and that has certainly translated into her success. Even in the midst of COVID, Jones kept her eye on the goal, seeking ways to pivot and meet the demands of a world plunged into the depths of a pandemic. All the while, she continued to work with her clients, finding them homes that better suited their needs or helping them sell as they planned a new life elsewhere. The strains of a quickly changing market were ones that she handled with aplomb, and now she sees the light at the end of the tunnel. “Almost everyone is fully vaccinated now, so more and more buyers and sellers feel comfortable letting people into their homes again and going to open houses,” says Jones, a one-woman team under the McEnearney Associates Realtors name. “There is never a dull moment in my day, which is why I love what I do!”

A wife and mother of two boys, Jones’s greatest challenge in attaining success has been in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, but her family has also been a great driving force in keeping her focused on forwarding growth. “It is an ongoing juggling and balancing act, and it’s never-ending,” says the 44-year-old former Fairfax County school teacher, who has, over the past five years, learned what it truly means to be a working mother and Mompreneur. “Thankfully, my husband is extremely supportive of my work, so we are able to plan our family schedule and fill in for each other around his work and travel schedule as well as our kids’ schedules. Honestly, the only way I’ve been able to maintain my success as a Realtor while raising my two boys is a constant shuffling of schedules and great time management.”

As challenging as it can be to stay on top of everything, Jones knows that the example she shows her boys is invaluable. “It shows my boys that you have to hustle and work hard. Nothing comes easily in life. You simply have to work for it,” she says. “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my work is that you get what you give. Period. Also, they’ve learned that you have to show up for people and stand by your word as well as being patient and kind. In my line of work, that’s important, because moving from a home is an emotional and trying time for many.”

“With kids, you must always be prepared for anything, all the time—and that’s something that has served me well in business. Both as a mom and as a businesswoman, I am also constantly reevaluating how I can do better the next time.'

The correlation between motherhood and entrepreneurship is one that Jones sees clearly, and she takes pride in the ways she’s grown in each area. “I’m proud of the fact that I’ve had the ability to maintain a balance between being present with my family and my work,” she says. “With kids, you must always be prepared for anything, all the time—and that’s something that has served me well in business. Both as a mom and as a businesswoman, I am also constantly reevaluating how I can do better the next time. I feel that any successful business person should look in the rearview mirror and ask themselves, ‘How do I think that went? What could I do better on next time?’”

A Pittsburgh native who left her hometown for Alexandria 22 years ago, Jones fell in love with the city and truly made herself a local, setting down roots and starting a family with her husband of 17 years, whom she married at St. Mary’s Church in Old Town. “I love where I live, and I like to see local business owners thrive in our community,” she says. “As an example, I partnered with many business owners over the holidays during COVID to promote their small businesses. I am happy to report that local shops and restaurants in my community are thriving! We all need to support one another.”

As her business grows and her boys get older, Jones strives to maintain that balance that has kept her family close and her work life on track. And as the years go by, she hopes that they will remember not only that she is a dynamic and successful businesswoman, but also that she is a great mother; one who loved to cook with them, who loved to take them to pick blueberries and peaches at the shore, one who spent time with them, one who laughed with them and loved them.

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