King’s Jewelry

King’s Jewelry

Specializing in quality jewelry since 1978 when Norman “Brad” Bradford bought the store from its original owner, King’s Jewelry has become Old Town’s premier destination for all things that glitter, with a reputation for customer service that is every bit as sparkling. “Our main priority isn’t just making a sale—it’s working with our customers, providing them with jewelry that is high quality and lasting,” says Brad’s wife, Cathy, who became part of the store’s day-to-day operations in 1986. Along with daughter, Tari, and sons, Andrew and Gregory, Cathy and Brad have created a family environment that extends to their other employees as well as their relationships with their clientele—which, much like their jewelry, are lasting.

Often built over years from the first purchase—most notably engagement rings—those lasting client relationships are incredibly important to the Bradfords and their staff at King’s. “We’ll build a connection with a customer who comes to us for an engagement ring, and that trust is there for the future,” says Cathy. “They return for wedding bands, anniversary and special occasion jewelry, even heirloom baby gifts. That kind of relationship is something we strive for.”

Naturally, along with an extensive collection of gemstone and fashion jewelry, luxury watches and estate pieces, King’s offers a large selection of engagement and wedding rings in a variety of styles and sizes as well as custom pieces specially designed for clients whose vision falls outside the scope of their usual offerings. And while they have established an active presence through social media and their website, King’s doesn’t currently sell any jewelry online. “Jewelry needs to be held and admired. You need to be able to feel the weight of it, see how it’s made [and] admire how the facets of a diamond catch the light. That’s not something you can do online,” says Cathy.

In working with their clients, the staff at King’s explains the different quality aspects of each piece so that an educated choice can be made—something that anyone looking for engagement rings or wedding bands certainly appreciates. After all, these are the first pieces that signify two lives joined. And so, the relationship with their jeweler begins.

For more information, visit www.KingsJewelry.NET.

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