Katie's Korner: Intimate Health Services Treat The Whole Body

Katie's Korner: Intimate Health Services Treat The Whole Body

Story by Katie Kissal | Kissal Communications

It’s that time of year, one of my absolute favorite seasons! With a calendar filling up with parties and events, I want to look my best. To put my best face forward, I knew exactly who to turn to… Nurse Jenna of DiscovHER Health!

Well known for her intimate health practice, Nurse Jenna treats the WHOLE body. I knew her services and technology would not just get me ready quickly, but set me up for long-term results.

After an initial consultation, Jenna made recommendations addressing my areas of concern and created a plan to achieve my goals with little to no downtime.

We started with the Morpheaus8, a radiofrequency and microneedling treatment. Helping to boost collagen, the treatment tightened and brightened my skin and helped diminish fine lines and wrinkles. I’ll be back before the summer because you can use this for tightening and toning the body as well!

Next was the Aerolase Facial Rejuvenation. This balanced out my skin tone, erased evidence of breakouts, provided more tightening and removed peach fuzz. This laser technology can really do it all. Jenna spot-treated a bruise on my arm and I’ll be back for laser hair removal in a few months!

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