Katie’s Korner

Katie’s Korner
If you can’t tone it, tan it…

A sun-kissed look is the original glow up. It can provide a vibrant appearance and improve confidence. It can be the perfect accessory to almost any outfit.

However, we know better. That “glow” from the sun comes with major prices: premature aging, sunspots and skin cancer. Tanning beds are no safer, also with high risks of skin cancer. So, what’s a glow-getter to do?

Enter Organic Bronzing Studio (OBS), AKA, my girl, Rachel Tyson. She doesn’t just offer services, she provides a vibe. From the warm welcome and her epic house rules (see photo), Rachel has a way of making you feel like a (bronzed) queen. OBS is my go-to for any major event, part of my vacation to-do list and a general mood boost. Client photos adorn her walls and are a testament to her work, including a roster of beautiful brides.

The “go to” spray tanner in the DMV, she offers a variety of convenient and customizable sunless and UV-free options. OBS’s proprietary blend of clean premium solutions removes cosmetic bronzers and FD&C dyes and adds skincare properties like hyaluronic acid and vitamin fusions A-E. Choose from custom airbrush sessions (by appointment) or the walk-in VersaSpa Pro tanning booth. Either way, Rachel and her staff walk you through the process to ensure a fantastic tan.  
And now OBS is expanding! In addition to their Alexandria location, they recently
announced a new location in Tysons Corner. Follow OBS on Instagram and visit them at www.organicbronzingstudio.com for more information!
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