Industrious: Love Where You Work

Industrious: Love Where You Work

Story by Alexandria Lindstrom | Photography Submitted by Industrious

When you walk into Industrious Alexandria Carlyle Tower, there’s an immediate sense of energy that bounces off the walls. It’s a palpable sense of progress born of many work environments sharing one large space, each busily tending to their varied tasks and pushing toward success. At its core, the Industrious family embodies productivity, growth, and success in a way that, while perhaps untraditional, is extremely effective. And while it might not be the first coworking solution, Industrious trail blazes in other ways, offering services that set it apart from others that help their members feel seen and understood.

Founded in 2013 by friends Jamie Hodari and Justin Stewart after the two realized coworking spaces could be more than a workspace geared toward startup companies, Industrious became a place where professionals of all kinds were proud to conduct their business and meet with clients. The company has since grown to more than 85 locations in more than 45 cities throughout the United States, offering membership options that are as flexible as the workspaces themselves. A wide variety of industries, businesses, and professionals can work without worry. “It’s the perfect flexible workspace solution for companies of all industries – there’s not one particular niche that we fill, and we find that our members come to us from a variety of different backgrounds because we’re able to be the one-size-fits-all workspace for businesses,” said Joyce Oh, Industrious area manager for the Mid-Atlantic region.


“We’re excited to be part of the emerging Alexandria community, especially as the town prepares for a surge in commercial developments over the next few years.”


That’s not to say they treat all members the same, however. Quite the contrary, as they take particular interest in knowing what’s on the radar for their members so they can deliver a level of service that sets them apart. “Our company really focuses on making sure that our members feel taken care of and that they feel seen, that we’re responding to their business needs and that they know that they’re not just the member in office 44, they’re part of the Industrious Alexandria community,” Oh said. “We strive to offer a curated experience.”

Industrious achieves their individual approach by offering customized services and a variety of spaces conducive to business productivity in whatever way needed, from casual brainstorming sessions over coffee in their cafes to formal meetings in their conference rooms. Members at Industrious receive all the perks of the building amenities, too: fitness center access, use of event space, and even outside space. Industrious also offers workplace amenities specific to the their model: a wellness room; phone booths for private calls; conference rooms; lounges and common areas; hospitality cafes that serve snacks, beverages, and even breakfast and lunch. They also supply color copying as well as office and cleaning supplies, freeing workers from the minutiae that often interferes with getting down to business.

They’re also hyper-focused on integrating their concept of a work community into the larger community of Alexandria, where the growing trend of a live/work environment is gaining ground. “We’ve been working hard to understand exactly what the vision of the neighborhood is and the vision of the economic development to make sure that we’re responding to the neighborhood needs,” Oh continued. “We’re excited to be part of the emerging Alexandria community, especially as the town prepares for a surge in commercial developments over the next few years. This means that, not only do our members have access to a supportive Industrious community of other business professionals throughout the day, but they also have endless opportunities to network and socialize within the growing Alexandria community.” Obviously, at Industrious, a day at the “office” is more than just a day at the office. Here, Industrious members’ successes are their successes, and they’re offering a great space in which to thrive.

For more information, visit Industrious Alexandria Carlyle Tower here.

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