If You Follow The Suit, The Fortune Will Favor The Bold

If You Follow The Suit, The Fortune Will Favor The Bold

Featuring Christopher Schafer Clothier

Story by Andrew Gates + Photography Courtesy of Christopher Schafer Clothier

When it comes to weddings, the attention always seems to be on the bride. But what about the groom? That's where Christopher Schafer Clothier comes in. Founded by Christopher Schafer in 2010, the Baltimore-based tailor provides each man with a thorough and personalized experience, ensuring that no groom gets left behind.

'At Christopher Schafer Clothier, we work to show off your personal style while creating custom clothing that fits exactly how you want it to. Our team will go over every detail, from fabric to thread color because everything is up to you,' says Casey Rowe, a custom tailor and apprentice.

The team at Christopher Schafer Clothier meticulously works with each client. Planning a wedding is a huge event that they take very seriously. Whether it be a tuxedo or a suit, the goal is to not only make the design cohesive with the whole wedding party but also to make you a one-of-a-kind garment that you will have forever.

Many of their suits are made of English cloth and fashioned in American styles. The one-of-a-kind garments are hand-made in America. Together, the result is a unique high-quality suit with English and American origins. 'We strive to make your suit timeless so that you can enjoy your clothing for all life’s greatest occasions. Each of our products we offer are hand-picked by our team. Sourcing the finest options and products in the world, the clothing you create with us will stand the test of time.'

You can visit Christoper Schafer Clothier at 1400 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231 or online at christopherschafer.com

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