Grilling Gift Guide for Every Grill Master

Grilling Gift Guide for Every Grill Master

THE TOP 10 NEEDS FOR EVERY GRILLMASTER brought to you by VILLAGE HARDWARE 1. A great grill! You can never go wrong with a Weber Grill! From a charcoal start-up to the most advanced built-in natural gas or liquid propane grills, always look at a Weber first! The Village recommendation: The Weber E-435

2. Safety You can never be too safe. Keep your grill clean! Get a good cover for the grill, a cleaning brush, an apron, mittens (or gloves) for moving hot products and all of the correct grilling utensils needed for transferring products. The Village recommendation: A basic E-435 grill cover, cleaning brush and utensil set

3. Accessories Whether you are an avid griller or just starting out, eventually you’ll find your niche as to how (and what) you like to cook. If you like a smoky flavor, you may want a rotisserie to go with your grill (use Weber Smoking Chips). Or you could be a fan of cast iron (Lodge Cast-Iron) cooking. There's a thousand accessories for anyone’s taste and style of grilling. The Village recommendation: A fitted rotisserie assembly for the Weber E-435

4. Smoke Having already mentioned smoking products, don’t hesitate to get frisky and add some smoke to your cook. With a gas grill, you can get a smoker box and smoking chips that will add a great deal of flavor. We have several varieties of chips, wraps and planks to enhance any cook. The Village recommendation: Weber smoking chips in multiple varieties

5. Sauces, rubs, spices and marinades There’s no accounting for what a person tastes, so at Village Hardware, we’ve arranged for anyone looking to season their product the opportunity to sample any one of hundreds of our products to fit your and your family’s individual pallets or to fit a great party for everyone! The Village recommendations:

  • EAT BARBECUE “Zero to Hero” (a rub)

  • HOOSIER DADDY smokehouse hickory bbq sauce

  • AR's hot southern honey (just great to cook with)

6. A thermometer So you’ve decided to do a big rotisserie chicken or roast on the grill. You can’t hook a wired thermometer to the product as the wires would tangle up the whole project. Instead, use the new MEATER thermometer; a wireless thermometer that registers the ambient temperature of the grill and the product temperature simultaneously right to your phone up to 165 feet away. The Village recommendation: The Meater 7. Veggies There is nothing tastier than seasoned grilled veggies. The way to protect them and prevent any mishaps or lost food is to use a copper mesh product called the Yoshi grill mat. It separates the food from the grates and keeps everything intact with beautiful grill marks included. The Village recommendation: Yoshi grill mats 8. Sides There should always be sides; just something fun to cook for folks to sample prior to the main event. We recommend Buffalo wings made with Frank & Teressa's Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce. We have the medium heat sauce and the suicidal hot sauce, all original recipes. The Village recommendation: Frank and Teressa's Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce 9. Clean-up Before finishing up, you’ll want to take care of the grill and help prep it for the next time out. We have a variety of grill cleaning products available that will eliminate even the toughest grilled-on product. The Village recommendations: Simple Green Heavy Duty BBQ grill cleaner and Weber stubborn stain remover

10. YOU No, we haven’t forgotten the most important element of them all… you! That's why we’ve started stocking a great variety of bar products including some fantastic bloody mary mixes, margarita mixes, strawberry mixes, old-fashioned bitters, Woodford reserve bitters and much, much more. The Village recommendation: Bloody Revolution roasted garlic bloody mary mix

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