Grand Lash Co.

Grand Lash Co.

Story by Liesel Schmidt

One constant for any military spouse is change. That being the case, careers are often the casualty of constantly-shifting circumstances. But as an entrepreneurial soul whose vision saw beyond the challenges of military life, Melissa Grandin explored her passion for great lashes and created a business that had flexibility, mobility and sustainability. “After being married to a service member, I wanted to have flexibility in my own career and hours I could put in while also being a mom to two boys,” she says.

As the owner of Grand Lash Co., Grandin has the ability to start over when and if her husband gets new orders. “Being a military spouse means getting ready to close up shop and start over at any time, but I have learned that the military spouse community is so strong and all the wives love to support other military spouse-owned businesses,” she says. “I've also really tapped into building my brand through networking, social media and word of mouth.”

What she offers at Grand Lash speaks for itself, specializing in eyelash extensions that range from subtle to dramatic. “Owning the business myself, I can offer a more personal experience to my clients--and I love that,” says Grandin. As a lash expert for 11 years, Grandin’s experience and passion for her work is a great factor in her success and something she carries with her from duty station to duty station.

“I love Grand Lash,” she says. “It's my baby, but at the end of the day, it's second to my family. I have so much passion for what I do, but family is always first. I truly think every military spouse would agree.”


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