George Washington's Birthday Celebration

George Washington's Birthday Celebration

Story and Photography Courtesy of George Washington's Mount Vernon

Since the Revolutionary War, Americans have celebrated George Washington's birthday with parades, performances, and dances. Historic celebrations for our first president of the United States and one of this country’s Founding Fathers include the annual reading of his Farewell Address to Congress and past presidents and dignitaries paying their respects at his beloved home of Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia.

One of the nation’s most visited historic sites, Mount Vernon is owned and operated by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, the oldest national historic preservation organization in the United States.

This year marks George Washington’s 290th birthday. To honor him, the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association – in coordination with the Neighborhood Friends of Mount Vernon – is hosting the second annual National Birthday Celebration for George Washington, a program that will air on February 22nd. The online event features esteemed historians and authors reflecting on the precedents set by our first president in Washington: A Man of Firsts.

Participants include Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Ellis discussing why George Washington was “First in War”, National Book Award Winner Nathaniel Philbrick tracing George Washington’s first tour of the new nation, Historian Lindsay Chervinksy on Washington’s creation of the presidential cabinet, Pulitzer Prize winner Gordon Wood on forming the first Supreme Court, Judge Rohulamin Quander on establishing a new capital city, and journalist John Avlon examining Washington’s Farewell Address.

To participate in George Washington’s National Birthday Celebration, individuals can register at Registrants will also have access to a companion online auction where they can bid on items featuring exclusive opportunities and experiences.

Mount Vernon relies on the generosity of patriotic Americans for funds needed to preserve George Washington’s historic estate and advance its educational mission. Mount Vernon is not a government-funded park or museum and does not accept government grants or finances. All proceeds from this event will support the preservation of Mount Vernon.

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