From the Publisher: July 2021

From the Publisher: July 2021

Welcome to The Home Issue, Alexandria! Please come on in! I'm so excited to give you the grand tour of our new issue!

Summer is officially in full swing and our thriving city is finally discovering what a successful restart looks like for us all. Events are returning and our photographers have been thrilled to capture your fundraisers, open houses, happy hours, celebrations and other gatherings to be featured in our print publication and online. If you are hosting an event and would like VIP to attend, be sure to email us at

Onward into The Home Issue! After learning what a quarantine truly means for ourselves and for our families, we all began looking at our homes a bit differently over the past year and a half. Home was no longer just a place to shower and store our wardrobe. Home became our only source of entertainment, our workplace, our favorite restaurant, our gym, our movie theater, our children's school, our safe haven... our everything. It's no wonder why the real estate and interior design industries are now booming. Our homes provided us with so much more than we could have ever imagined, and now it's time to redefine what it means to make them our own.

Throughout this issue, you will find exciting stories to assist you in this exciting and creative endeavor, as well as have the opportunity to learn more about a few of our local historical homes. You will also find a DIY bath project, a bit of legal advice on hiring contractors, tips on shopping vintage and much, much more!

Welcome home, Alexandria!

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