Free Flowing Musical Experience (FFME) Live at The Birchmere

Free Flowing Musical Experience (FFME) Live at The Birchmere

Photography by Victoria Mance

It’s not often that Alexandria’s legendary acoustic Jam band performs at Alexandria’s legendary music venue, but that’s exactly what happened on October 24th. The Free Flowing Musical Experience took the stage at The Birchmere for an incredible night that was dedicated to local music fans.

Alexandria resident and local music fan, Christian Jock, told VIP, “This was a dream night for local music fans. I’ve been going to FFME shows for years. To see them at my favorite venue was about as good as it gets.”

Alexandria’s Gregg Park and Scott Fallon make up the interactive musical adventure known as The Free Flowing Musical Experience. This marked the critically acclaimed band’s second performance at the renowned music venue since its re-opening. At the Birchmere they were joined on acoustic bass with their new band member, John David Coppola. Coppola opens up the deep end of the pool for the band’s eclectic spectrum. This creates an entirely new and exciting element for the ears of the band’s growing fan base.

“We brought some serious jam to The Birchmere,” said Coppola. “What I’ve learned since joining the band is that the free flowing part of the band name is about as true as it gets. Playing with Gregg and Scott has truly been an enlightening experience musically.”

In music circles, the reputation of the Birchmere is legendary. For over 50 years the Birchmere has been the go to venue for the countries best acts and most devoted music fans. In addition, the Birchmere also takes their COVID precautions the next level to ensure a fun and safe environment for its guests.

Added Coppola, “It speaks to just what an outstanding venue The Birchmere is and always has been. They go the extra mile for their guests at every level.”

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