Fall Fashion Q+A with Stephanie Parkes

Fall Fashion Q+A with Stephanie Parkes

Story by Alexandria Lindstrom | Photography by Sarah Marcella

Sweater: Vince, The Hive Earrings: Elizabeth Cole, Periwinkle Skirt: Nanushka, TSALT Booties: Rag & Bone Bag: Gucci


While running a pharmacy might be her day job, when 30 year-old Stephanie Parkes isn’t wearing a white lab coat, she’s walking her own runway, assembling fantastic fashion finds into chic looks that are enough to make any fellow fashionista swoon. And swoon, they do, as she keeps the lifestyle blog she started in May of 2019 at the top of the daily feed with posts highlighting local boutiques, restaurants, and events happening around Alexandria. A passionate follower of fashion whose love for finding the perfect look began at an early age, she delights in finding new designers and trends, though she knows the value of keeping a classic style. As anyone reading her blog can easily see, this lovely lady knows her stuff, and she’s sharing a little of that style insight with VIP Alexandria Magazine.

VIP: What are the best pieces to have for fall?

SP: Chunky sweaters, midi skirts, and great quality denim. Fall is about being cozy! I can never have too many cashmere sweaters; and right now, the more oversized, the better. As far as denim goes, it’s good to update your denim each year to reflect the current styles. I’m loving high-waisted and flared!

VIP: Are there any new trends for the season, and what are they?

SP: Animal print and vegan leather. You can’t go wrong, as these trends are so easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and are accessible at all price points. And it’s no longer just leopard print; snake print and zebra are hot right now.

VIP: What colors are coming into play right now?

SP: Plaid isn’t a color, but it’s definitely the print of the season. Color-wise, there are a lot of the classic browns and blacks, as usual; but jewel tones (purples, blues, pinks, and shades of green from pistachio to emerald) are also everywhere!

VIP: What core pieces should every woman have in her closet for fall?

SP: Booties and a light jacket. Don’t get me wrong, knee high boots are both timeless and trendy, as well, but booties are just so versatile. You can wear them with jeans, dresses, or skirts. Jackets of all kinds are essential for fall, whether leather, faux fur, or a blazer—there are so many options. You’ll look instantly polished!

VIP: Are there any rules for wearing certain styles of boots?

SP: Rules are meant to be broken, and you’ll see that with boots this season. And with all the different denim styles, it’s okay to experiment with how you wear your boots. However, I do foresee Western boots and over-the-knee boots being out and combat boots or Dr. Martens being in. Similarly to how you can wear sneakers with basically everything, combat boots are a comfy option that can take the place of a sneaker in cooler temps.

VIP: Hats are a big fall trend, so which shapes look best on which face shapes?

SP: I’m not a big hat person, but Western hats and felt hats are in this fall and can definitely elevate your look! Generally, the longer your face, the wider your brim can be.

Headband: Tanya Taylor, Periwinkle Blouse: Weill, Periwinkle Pants: Veronica Beard, The Hive Sunglasses: Celine Earrings: Chanel Watch: Rolex, King’s Jewelers

VIP: Which pieces are worthy of big investments?

SP: Invest in timeless, quality pieces versus trendy items. If you don’t already own a high quality blazer, start there. Blazers are hot right now but also classic and universally flattering. You can find amazing ones in stores throughout Old Town including Donna Lewis, The Hive, Periwinkle, and Tsalt.

VIP: Are there any do’s/don’ts for fall dressing?

SP: These days, you can make just about anything work, but Do’s are definitely to accept the maximalist trend and experiment with lots of texture, such as sequins, satin, faux fur, or unexpected pattern combinations. It also means going “heavy” on fun accessories like jewelry, hair accessories, bags, and belts. Don’ts would include trying not to fall into the trap of “basic” fall dressing. It’s not chic to have the same plaid blanket scarf and knee high boots as everyone else. Another Don’t: Anything too revealing. The more conservative, vintage style is so in!


TSALT | 106 N St Asaph St, Alexandria

PERIWINKLE | 111 S Columbus St, Alexandria

THE HIVE | 301 Cameron St, Alexandria

THE SHOE HIVE | 127 S Fairfax St, Alexandria

KING’S JEWELERS | 609 King St, Alexandria

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