Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

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It should be clear now that nothing can stop love -- not even a global pandemic. Engagement season is in full force this year and, like everything else in our lives, we are getting more creative than ever before. Ring shopping in 2021 is no exception and King's Jewelry has been tracking the latest trends and making them available to their clients.

Unique Rings With A Personal Touch

After a year full of uncertainty, couples are taking control of everything they can. This includes focusing on intricate details and becoming more involved in the design process of custom rings. King's Jewelry's Catherine Rudacille and Marcos Smyth work together with couples in the King's Custom Design Jewelry Workshop, using their artisanal experience and CAD technology to bring custom-made dream rings to life.

Alternative Gemstones and Metals

Opting for colorful gemstones in place of the traditional diamond is just one more way couples are making the engagement piece their own in a modern, & artful way. But you don't have to give up on a diamond altogether. 'The Halo' ring is a popular option this year, providing clients with the opportunity to surround their beautiful diamond with smaller stones such, as sapphires, or surround a colorful stone, such as a yellow diamond, with smaller traditional diamonds. At King's Jewelry, there are no limits.

Traditional Solitaires

In such unprecedented times, couples are exploring traditional ring styles that offer a sense of nostalgia -- connecting their modern love stories to timeless pieces of art. Working with jewelers at King's Jewelry to select the perfect solitaire allows clients to explore every facet of the diamonds. This return to classic style for engagement rings means focusing on the cut, clarity and color of the ring she will wear forever.

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