Chick N' Smoot: Unsuited

Chick N' Smoot: Unsuited

Story by Jeanette Wages | Photography by Megan Terry

Chick Hernandez and Fred Smoot

Nothing about 2020 could be considered normal, especially when it comes to this year’s football season. The new normal is empty seats at the stadium and trying to find new ways for fans to experience games. For the Washington Football Team, it means a temporary name and a shift in image. Chick Hernandez and Fred Smoot were determined to find a new way to bring the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the stadium to the fans while stadiums are closed. They reached out on Twitter to find a location to host a weekly show. Enter Chad Sparrow and Larry Walston of Common Plate Hospitality with their Augie’s Mussel House and Beer Garden location. Chick and Smoot loved the feel of the venue. With options for outdoor seating on the patio, curbside “tailgate” tables, indoor seating and an upstairs area they like to call the “sky box” it was a perfect fit for their interactive, destination show.

What should you expect from their show? A lot of energy and that game day feeling with pre-game, halftime, and post-game commentary. Chick explains how “this isn’t a job for us, it’s life... It’s an unusual time in the country and we want to make it feel a little more normal.” But a “normal” radio show would be too tame and PC for these two, who have worked together before and like to go “off the rails”. They aren’t afraid to talk about anything during their show. You’ll also hear a lot of howling, as Smoot is a huge supporter of changing the name to the Washington Red Wolves. “Washington had a great chance with name changes before and blew it with the Wizards. Now we can have a team where every dog within miles will be howling with the stadium. We can also keep the colors and HTTR,” says Smoot.

If you’re missing that live game day action, head down to Augie’s early and enjoy the show or follow along LIVE on Twitter, iTunes, FB Live & Spotify!

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