Carlyle House Historic Park: Host Your Special Day In The Heart Of Alexandria

Carlyle House Historic Park: Host Your Special Day In The Heart Of Alexandria

Story by Liesel Schmidt | Photography by Nichole Meredith Photography + Mary Kate McKenna Photography

Paramount to any event—but especially a wedding—is the venue. It sets the tone and generates the mood. It can create a sense of intimacy or romance, evoke a fairy-tale feeling or get everyone in a party frame of mind. And for any couple in search of creating their own history in a place filled with historic charm and natural beauty, Carlyle House offers the perfect mix of grandeur and significance, set on a piece of property within the heart of Old Town, Alexandria that could easily take one’s breath away.

Originally built in 1753 by John Carlyle, a wealthy merchant and a founder of Alexandria, Carlyle House Historic Park is now home to an 18th century historic house museum in Old Town Alexandria. Today, Carlyle House is one of the nation’s best examples of Georgian residential architecture, the history and romance and elegance of the times echoing from every inch of the grounds, making it ideal for taking those ever-important steps into a future filled with promise.

Set amid exquisite gardens that serve as an unexpected escape from the city that surrounds them, the historic mansion offers a grand setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, reflecting a sense of regal importance and momentousness. Here, there is open air filled with the colors of nature and a feeling of romance, a design of elegance and stateliness highlighted by the occasion. Available for rental from April 1 through October 31, Carlyle House offers a variety of locations on the picturesque estate grounds, each perfect for setting a tone and capturing the hearts of all guests in attendance. Booking options include the tented Magnolia Terrace, the beautiful garden, or the expansive front lawn for evening ceremonies and receptions. They also offer two-hour rentals at almost any time. Ideal for mid-sized events, their spaces accommodate up to 100 people, and the gardens and terrace are wheelchair accessible.


Carlyle House Historic Park

121 N Fairfax St., Alexandria, VA 22314

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