Business Profile: Aslin Beer Co.

Business Profile: Aslin Beer Co.

Brought together by their wives, their common interests and shared love of beer solidified the friendship between Andrew Kelley and Kai Leszkowicz and birthed the idea of creating their very own craft beer brewery. Launched in 2015, Aslin Beer Company was named for the two sisters who introduced them and supported their dream, which has since become a full-fledged brewery and taproom in Alexandria with additional taprooms in DC and Herndon.

 “I enjoy many aspects of brewing, but ultimately being able to create and share an experience with friends, family, employees and customers through our beer is the best part of this venture.” - Andrew Kelley

Adds Leszkowicz, “The reiterative process of trying new things, combinations of ingredients, recipe changes and the like... those variations in failures and success make for the best lessons about what we do, and I love that.”

With a recently launched slogan of “CONSUME LIFE,” the dynamic duo behind Aslin found two words that perfectly espouse the ethos of their brand. Kelley and Leszkowicz created their business to build a community around something they loved and were passionate about. Their continued goal is to forge a community in each of their locations and to help customers embrace every experience. “We want to be there for their after-work happy hours and their post-game celebrations, for weddings, anniversaries and retirements,” says Kelley. “‘CONSUME LIFE’ defines our goals and desire to help our customers quench their thirst for their next adventure.”

Aslin Beer Co. is located at 847 S Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304

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