Bridal Hair Trends of 2021

Bridal Hair Trends of 2021

Courtesy of Glynn Jones Salon

2020 was a rollercoaster year. And with that, it should come as no surprise that 2021’s biggest hair and makeup trends are towards the extraordinary. Whether you’re the type to embrace high-octane glamour at every chance or habitually keep things glowy and natural, 2021’s prettiest beauty trends have something to offer every bride-to-be with an extra-special, wedding-day touch.


For the glamour-inclined, I’ve noticed that because of COVID, when it comes to wedding beauty, people are ready to glam it up. Everyone is so over not being social and staying inside that they want to have the biggest celebration while feeling the most glamorous on their wedding day.



On the opposite end of the spectrum, some engaged women are more accustomed to the au natural effect that lockdown has created. Brides are leaning toward a more natural, lived-in, tousled look. Covid has forced us into a sort of minimalist place, and swinging to the other end of the spectrum doesn’t feel quite natural just yet. Simple beauty is what women want to feel ‘effortless,’ and that always begins and ends with great skin, and tousled hair. Brides are aspiring to stand out without feeling overdone.



Whether you opt for an updo or down and tousled, lived-in, textured styles will be popular with brides. This I think is due to the fact we’ve spent a year giving our hair a bit of a break and growing more accustomed to our natural textures. It can feel a bit over the top right now to have every hair in place. Opting for a more lived-in style mimics the freedom we’ve been giving our locks and might make a bride feel more like herself.



Loose, almost straight waves are perfect for achieving a look that’s equal parts relaxed and refined. It’s a sophisticated way to elevate your look while letting other things like dress, jewelry, or makeup do the talking.



For a feminine and romantic wedding day look, brides-to-be will turn toward Hollywood-glamour-inspired hairstyles. Everyone’s stayed inside so long, and this is the perfect way to wow a crowd. It's a timeless look and never goes out of style.



I believe we’ll also be seeing quite a bit of romantic, textured updo’s. Rather than tight and sleek, we predict a rise in loosely-pinned looks.



One of our personal favorites, the party pony will be big for 2021 brides, whether for the reception or a late-night celebration. It refreshes the entire look, even if you don’t change your dress, It’s casual but chic. There’s a pony for everyone, whether the placement is low, high, or in the middle. 2021 will be a versatile year for brides.



Hair accessories have been hugely popular for everyday style, and as a result, I predict a rise in wedding day hair accessories for an extra-special, embellished touch for the fashion-forward bride.

On one hand, you'll see more naturalistas honoring their natural textures and glow, while others will go all out. It's more about preference versus trends this year.



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