Betsy Weissman

Betsy Weissman

Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Betsy Weissman, owner of local pilates studio sculp'd, always wanted to offer online, at-home fitness solutions. However, she never anticipated that a global pandemic would lead her to transition to 100% online in just five days. sculp'd is now a hybrid fitness studio offering hardcore Pilates-based workouts that focus on strength, balance and core. “It’s been a really tough year. Balancing two jobs, all the kids online at home, supporting my husband who launched his own start-up in 2018, incredibly shrinking revenues and also finding ways to pivot through a pandemic hasn’t been easy.”

Never one to shy from a challenge, Betsy found creative ways to sustain her business through the COVID-19 crisis. She now offers in-studio classes and more than 300 classes online. sculp'd has also expanded into retail, offering an at-home reformer, a product previously unavailable at the studio (sculp'd has unexpectedly become the #1 US distributor of these machines). The support from the sculp’d community, she says, has been profound. “We’ve had over 100 clients who came to over 100 of our online classes from March 16 - December 31, 2020. It was so inspiring to see and also clearly demonstrated to us that the community needs us as much as we need them.”

Betsy says her goal is to uplift and support women, which includes advocating for women's health. She is actively involved with the locally-based National Breast Center, holding fundraising events to assist uninsured and underrepresented women in finding access to care.

“I embrace health and wellness, always.”

Furthermore, the American Heart Association’s focus on promoting healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease is something Betsy is passionate about. In 2001 when her daughter was only six months old, Betsy underwent a heart procedure and suffers from chronic heart issues to this day. “I embrace health and wellness, always.”


Join Betsy in her mission to Go Red for Women by making a donation in her name to the Go Red for Women campaign.

Join the movement. Raise Awareness. Go red.

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