American Spirit Gift Guide

American Spirit Gift Guide

VIP Alexandria Magazine is proud to bring you a curated collection of products made by American Veterans and Military Spouses.


Named after the identification tag worn by all members of all branches of the military, Dog Tag equips veterans, military spouses, and caregivers with the tools to rediscover their purpose after serving our nation and reenter their communities with confidence and support.

Our fellows gain personal, social, and professional skills in both the classroom and in practice at our inviting neighborhood bakery. What differentiates the Dog Tag Fellowship Program is a combination of resilience-focused curriculum, high-touch community-building, and powerful experiential learning through apprentice-style training.


Triangle Fragrance

Triangle Fragrance Founder Magda Khalifa designed this luxurious collection to bring self-help to the beauty world. Ms. Khalifa is a 1st-generation American who grew up by New York City. After witnessing the attacks on September 11, 2001 she left her career and family to join the military and defend freedom. After two tours in combat in Iraq she returned home to face her own battle, struggling with transition and health issues like so many other veterans.

Thankfully, Ms. Khalifa succeeded in turning her life around and shared her success path - codified as Freedom Triangle® - to help others experience the power of taking control of their lives. The visionary Khalifa launched the modern luxury fragrance line in 2020, marrying the power of scent with the power of Freedom Triangle.


Charlie Madison Originals

When you make a purchase from this shop, you aren't just buying a piece of jewelry, you're part of a community! The Charlie Madison Originals' mission is to support fellow military families through our online community group and with annual monetary and product donations to organizations that work with military service members, veterans, and their families. With every purchase you make, they give back 5% to military-affiliated non-profit organizations every single year.

When they started this tradition, the first donation was just $50. Each year, the donations grow and it's all possible because of the amazing community that believes in the power of giving back to the dedicated men and women and their families who selflessly serve our country each and every day.


Heritage Flag Company

These handcrafted barrel wood American flags are works of art that have helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes all over the country. It’s common for a flag to auction for as much as $28,000! We stay at least 60-90 days out on donations, but we do have programs in place to help as much as possible. Feel free to give us a call and ask us about our Auction The Flag Program.


Crum's Sauce

This Veteran-Owned company is proud to produce its products in Alexandria, VA. The goal from the outset was making sauces with flavor and they achieve that with their line of Damn Good Sauces. All chiles are roasted before being added to the sauce to bring out the flavor. There is nothing like the smell of roasted chiles in the morning. Crum’s Sauce sauces range in heat from very mild Cool Cucumber Jalapeño to their hot and flavorful Grit - made with Scorpion Chile. All sauces are produced with the highest quality, all natural ingredients. For every bottle purchased, a donation is made to The Green Beret Foundation.


Badass Coffee Causes

Badass Coffee Causes is owned by Melissa Green, a Navy Veteran, Military Spouse, Entrepreneur, Mom, Latina and LGBTQ+. Melissa understands that coffee is a great way to bring people together and create a sense of community. Her first line of coffee focused on supporting the military community. With the success of that line and the overwhelming support received encouraged Melissa to take her business a step further by supporting those in the LGBTQ+ community. As Badass Coffee Causes, you not only receive a great cup of coffee, but also a sense of community and genuine feeling of inclusion and support.


Southern Elegance Candle Co.

Southern Elegance, owned and operated by a Military Spouse, works to remind everyone of our shared history and cultural experiences. Like many others, time spent with family and the joys found in the simple things are the touchstones. With this in mind, each candle is lovingly crafted with each scent and city combination meant to elicit a fond memory, to whisk you to a place of pure joy.


Pots by Jen

Jen is a Military Spouse and Studio Potter living in Chugiak, Alaska. Pottery has become a deeply comforting and humbling practice, one that allows her to meditate and reflect on God the Creator. 


Just Lovely Lipstick

This Military Spouse owned company offers a handcrafted multi-use moisturizing sheer lipstick made with natural oils for women who are health conscious about what they put on their skin.


Woodlawn Press Winery

Military couple Andrew and Bonnie have strong roots in Virginia and have dreamed of building a place for community. Andrew made wine at home for seven years before deciding it was time to expand and start building toward this vision. Andrew and Bonnie pride themselves on making wine using similar methods to how Bonnie’s family made wine as far back as 100 years ago. They are excited to bring a unique wine experience to the Northern Virginia area.


Sword & Plough

Sword & Plough has been in the making since our founders, sisters Emily and Betsy, were born into a military family. Through its branding and outreach, Sword & Plough could help bridge the civil-military divide. The repurposed bags could be used as conversation pieces and the company could become a platform to strengthen understanding between civilians and the veteran community. Inspired to give back to the veteran community through sustainable fashion, Sword & Plough was born!


Combat Flip Flops



These flip flops and sandals are made from leather, military-grade nylon, and proprietary rubber to increase traction across any terrain. Former Army Ranger and fellow Veterans co-founded Combat Flip Flops manufacture their footwear and accessories in cconflict and postconflict zones. 


Nomadés Collection


This company's charms have made their way around the world, from the desert sands of Central Asia to the sunny Pacific Ocean and all the places between. They have seen friends and family celebrate new beginnings- marriages, births, promises of military service. And, the journey’s end- retirements, passing of loved ones, promises of new adventure to come. Through these charms, each of life’s moments, both large and small are commemorated.


Moss Hound Designs


Nicole Hemmerly, who founded this business, is a fiber artisan who works with materials including macrame, cotton and wool to create unique pieces for homes, businesses and events. This Military Spouse started MossHound Designs in North Carolina, creating a business that could move with her. 


The Skirted Soldier Tea

The Skirted Soldier is a female veteran owned operation specializing in hand blended, loose tea. They source their products from member cooperatives and community supported agriculture groups. All of our products are blended and packaged by veterans. The Skirted Soldier donates 10% of proceeds to female veteran organizations.


Dashfire Beards

This Beard Oil is made to serve those in the Veteran Community, and those who support them. Designed by a U.S. Marine, so you know that every drop is infused with patriotism and fireworks. Don't just grow a beard, grow a Dashfire Beard! 


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