ALX Fashion Influencers Tell All: Fashion Reviews of the Tygerian Lace All Season '22 Showcase

ALX Fashion Influencers Tell All: Fashion Reviews of the Tygerian Lace All Season '22 Showcase

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Photos Courtesy of Tygerian Lace

VIP Alexandria Magazine sent three of our readers' favorite, local fashion influencers to attend the Tygerian Lace All Season '22 Showcase. This is what they had to say.

Love. One simple word that means so much, inspires so much. For designer Tygerian Lace Burke, love is the overarching theme and inspiration for her new collection, AS 22. “As we all have had to pivot to find our new normal during the pandemic, our need for love as a society remains consistent,” says Burke, a self-taught designer who launched her label, Tygerian Lace, in 2014. “My family implemented Zoom calls, my friends and I have weekly happy hour FaceTime sessions, we have all found new ways to express and share our love. This collection embodies the excitement of the newfound ways to express love. In 45 pieces, you will find a garment for every moment when expressing your love for one another.”

Those 45 pieces are an expression of love by the designer to her buyers, embodying the spirit of romance through the use of floral patterns, lace, leather, fringe and sweetheart necklines. In each piece, one can see the attention to detail, the avant garde and unique approach to construction. For Burke, fashion is crucial to life and society and her passion is palpable throughout the collection. “Fashion is vital in every culture because it allows the expression of personalities and people with similar ideologies,” she says. “It is a way to belong or, conversely, to stand out. Fashion has been an essential part of society and culture throughout the ages. Clothing helped identify societies. But of course, today, we can expand beyond a sense of belonging and make it more self-expression. Fashion is a meaningful way to express yourself. What I enjoy most about the fashion industry are the endless possibilities. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. The only thing that matters is the way that the designs make you feel.'

Meet the Influencers

Christina Baucom


Christina Baucom is an intellectual property attorney, writer, and digital content creator of focusing on local lifestyle and style inspiration. Christina has a passion for the arts and style. She is always being asked about what to wear, who to listen to and where to go in Alexandria. She uses her Shark and Sound Style blog to share all things living your best life!

Aaron Hughie


Aaron Huie is a local entrepreneur and artist. Having worked closely with many local bespoke designers and producers, Aaron is well versed in creating styled productions with classical romance vintage and custom suit design. His creative work more than often intersects with his music career and passion for vintage automotive.

Stephanie Parkes


Stephanie Parkes is a local DMV blogger who resides in Alexandria, VA with her husband, 6 month old son, and illustrious golden retriever. Although a pharmacist by day, her true passion is fashion, and she loves sharing local boutiques and businesses in her community. You can find her at the hottest new restaurants, fitness studios, art galleries and events in town.


VIP Alexandria Magazine: What was your favorite piece and why?

Christina Calloway: My favorite piece was the red satin and tulle mini dress with floral appliqué. I love how beautiful and feminine it is and the shape of the dress with the appliqué details makes this piece truly a stunner! I loved the bold red color and the juxtaposition of the femininity of the details and the sexiness of the mini dress.

Aaron Hughie: It would be the black two-piece garment. The simplicity of the single-color choice amplifies the excellence in the construction and fabric decisions. While perhaps understated compared to its counterparts, this garment captures a spirit of brave curiosity.

Stephanie Parkes: My favorite piece from the collection was the black and red bodycon dress because of the exquisite detail and sexy sheerness of it. It gave me hope for something to aspire to wear as soon as I work hard on my body postpartum.

VIP: What inspired you about this designer?

CC: What inspired me most about this designer is her drive and tenacity. Knowing that she is taking on the fashion industry and carving a space out for herself is truly inspiring. I can only imagine what it takes to be such a gifted designer and I truly enjoyed viewing the latest collection in such a lively and intimate setting!

AH: Tygerian has fostered the ability to curate a strong sense of diversity in her work. This is clearly seen through her choice of varied materials, patterns and color palettes. The All Season 2022 Collection truly takes you on a 'romantic adventure all over the world' that leaves you feeling charmed. However, what is a far more impressive display of her talent than her use of variation is the fact that she has successfully maintained a sense of visible correlation. Connecting all her garments with a common 'thread' of association, despite their wide array of characteristics, allowed observers to unmistakably detect the signature of the artist.

SP: Tygerian Lace was inspiring in the sense that it just felt glamorous. These pieces are worthy of very special occasions and they are the center of attention no matter where they are. I was inspired by the sultriness of the style while still remaining classic.

VIP: What was the most memorable part of the evening?

CC: The most memorable part of the evening for me was being able to chat with the designer and hear about her passion for the latest collection and her business. I could tell just from briefly speaking with Tygerian how much the success of the presentation meant to her and how much of herself she put into her latest collection. That is truly inspiring to see one’s dream come to fruition!

AH: After the show ended, I decided to stay and explore the gallery as all the guests were exiting. I’m glad I did because the moment that the venue was cleared, Tygerian and her team started to arrange every one of her garments each on a corresponding dress form. Gathering all of her pieces in a conjoined circle, she stood in the center and posed for a picture. The metaphorical moment of completion [was] captured and symbolized by a final pose encircled by her creation.

SP: The most memorable part of the evening was getting to see and meet other DMV fashion influencers. What can I say? I'm social and love meeting other individuals who are into fashion like me!

VIP: What made this fashion show different from others you have attended?

CC: I have been to fashion shows before and I would say this was a different experience seeing the live model presentation and being able to see the craftsmanship of the designs up close and on a moving body. I liked that the show was in a smaller venue so that you could really take in the designs and not view them from afar. That really makes the difference in being able to really take in the designs!

AH: I have worked and attended several fashion shows, however what the Tygerian Lace production brought to the stage was a sense of remarkable intimacy that is often lost. The ability to create and display top-tier designs while maintaining an ambiance of approachability and warmth was a refreshing contrast to rigid high-paced productions that often come hand-in-hand with this particular style of fashion show. Attending this production was a truly refreshing experience.

SP: I've been to other fashion shows, but none in the 'presentation' format. I thought it was great being able to see the pieces on the models for an extended time (and get a closer look at my favorites)! Plus, the details deserve a second look!

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