Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Jason Yates

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Jason Yates

Jason Yates

-Liesel Schmidt

As a member of the iconic Yates family, Jason Yates loves being part of the fabric of Alexandria’s industry, with more than 60 years of history in creating businesses built on quality and service. “Being raised in a family business has been an amazing journey,” says Yates. “Working with my parents and my four older brothers was fantastic, and we all believed we could make a difference. I have never worked anywhere else or for anyone else in my whole life—it’s always been about family.”

Now the owner of eight businesses including auto and collision repair, a full-service dry cleaner, and an Italian restaurant named for his mother, Lena, Yates is joined by other members of his family in the businesses—among them, his wife, his son, and his brother. Jason considers one of his greatest strengths to be his ability to diversify and adapt into different businesses that serve and support the local neighborhood. This, combined with building strong teams of dedicated people who passionately believe in the mission and in taking care of the community, have made Yates an incredible success.

A passionate gearhead, Yates bought a beautiful GTO with no motor and rebuilt the car 43 years ago. “I took my wife on our first date over 40 years ago in that car,” he recalls. “Fortunately for me, they have both chosen to keep me in their life!”

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