Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Dr. Justin Hughes

Alexandria's Most Interesting Men; Dr. Justin Hughes

Dr. Justin Hughes

-Liesel Schmidt

A third-generation orthodontist, Dr. Justin Hughes may be following in the family business; but he’s found that it is actually his calling, a use of his gifts, and a passion that allows him to help others. “I love helping patients through my practice and seeing what happens when we treat someone and change their smile,” says Hughes, 34, who now owns Hughes Orthodontics, the practice that his grandfather started in 1958. “It’s incredible to see the change in their confidence and their attitude.”

Hughes and his wife also serve as deacons at their church, which gives him another opportunity to help others. “We try to help people in situations of need, whether that’s figuring out logistics or financial support,” he explains. “Something that has served me well, both in my practice and in life, is my ability to connect with people and listen, to find out where they’re coming from and what they’re dealing with, and my ability to communicate how I can help.”

A CrossFit junkie who sweats it out five days a week, Hughes spends his free time on weekends with his wife and three small children—the youngest of which Hughes delivered himself on the front seat of his minivan. “I guess I have the ability to stay calm under pressure,” says Hughes, recalling his son James’s fast and furious birth. In addition to being an awesome midwife, Hughes is also a master of impersonation, from public figures to friends.

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