Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women of 2022: Stephanie Beyer Kirby

Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women of 2022: Stephanie Beyer Kirby

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Stephanie Beyer Kirby
Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

As someone who explored the National Children’s Museum during her childhood, Stephanie Beyer Kirby jumped at the chance to join the board as an adult. “I spent quite a bit of time exploring the original Capitol Children's Museum as a child, and the opportunity to serve on the board was one I could not pass up,” she says. Now serving as Governance Chair, she’s dedicated to making the museum the best it can be.

For the past three years, Beyer Kirby has also served on the Inova Alexandria Hospital Quality and Safety Committee. “This board service is particularly important to me, as I suffer from an auto-immune disease,” she explains. “I am in the hospital several times a year for routine tests and scans, and I enjoy contributing to the team from both a patient and board member perspective. The hospital is doing amazing things. I can't wait to see the new facility at Landmark.”

A member of the Beyer family of Beyer Automotive Group, Beyer Kirby has deep roots in Alexandria, and she greatly supports the community she loves in many ways—one of which was serving as Chair of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Board in 2021, after five years of being on the board. “From a very young age, my family instilled in me the idea that we are nothing without our community,” she says. “We were taught that giving back wasn't just something you should do—it was something we do. It brings me great joy to be part of the Alexandria community and to carry on my family's legacy of service.”

“I believe in Alexandria. We have such a wonderful, diverse and active community. I hope to always be a resource, connector and supporter of all things Alexandria. There is no better town!'

As a busy working mother, Beyer Kirby sees the importance of stressing heart health awareness. “I know how easy it is to take care of everyone else before you focus on your own health,” she admits. “The GO RED movement is the perfect opportunity to remind women how important their cardiovascular health is. It is critical that women take heart disease and stroke seriously and pay attention to the signs.”


Join Join Stephanie Beyer Kirby in her mission to Go Red for Women by donating to the Go Red for Women campaign.

Join the movement. Raise Awareness. Go red.

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