Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women of 2022: Martha Carucci

Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women of 2022: Martha Carucci

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Martha Carucci
Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

Understanding the power of words, Martha Carucci used her own experience in recovery from alcoholism to launch a blog and write two books, both of which became #1 bestsellers in Amazon's alcoholism and recovery category. In 2015, she became an executive director for the National Breast Center (NBC) Foundation after several years of working as a lobbyist in DC in the telecom arena. “I am passionate about both my writing and my work with the NBC Foundation because I want to help others,” she says. “Through writing, I can share my experience with my sobriety and recovery to help those who may be struggling with it now. I am blessed to never have had breast cancer, but lost a few people dear to me from it. Working with the foundation allows me to help those who may not have access to screening and treatment—especially for early detection.”

Through both aspects of her work, Carucci is making a difference in the lives of the people around her. “I like to think I impact the Alexandria community by reaching out to others and connecting people who can help each other by spreading the message and mission of the foundation and letting people know there is help out there,” she says.

“What keeps me passionate about my work is hearing from people who I have been able to help and knowing that they are thriving, either because something I wrote resonated with them and helped, or because I was able to get them screened and treated through the foundation.”

As an ambassador for the NBC Foundation’s message, Carucci is deeply passionate about women’s healthcare. Likewise, she also sees the value of championing heart health. “I think [it's] crucial to raise awareness about the severity of heart disease and its devastating effect on women,” she says.


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