Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women 2022: Lauren Fisher

Alexandria's Most Inspiring Women 2022: Lauren Fisher

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Dr. Lauren Fisher
Photography by Jonathan Thorpe

As a holistic mental health therapist, Dr. Lauren Fisher has provided for the psychological and emotional needs of the Alexandria community for years. She co-founded Del Ray Psych & Wellness in 2018, co-created Wellness District in Del Ray and helped grow the Well Ray Festival. Above all, she gives tools to the community to develop better mental and physical health.

Being a member of the Alexandria community, Fisher has made her mark through her non-profit work, including creating the Candy Cane Bar Crawl and the Bands and Brews Bar Crawl to benefit non-profit organizations such as Rebuilding Together, Alive and Neighborhood Health. “My hope is always to inspire others to find small ways to contribute to an important cause through action, time or monetary donations.”

Her influence extends to the business community as well. “As the relatively newly appointed Del Ray Business Association president, my goals include continuing to support businesses with economic recovery, to champion collaborative versus competitive relationships among businesses, to create positive partnerships with other organizations throughout the city and to inspire others to donate time, services or funds to those in need.”

Passion comes easily when you are doing work that is aligned with your values and life purpose. Serving others with the intention of making a difference is what drives me, whether it is as simple as holding a door or as complex as guiding someone through the darkest days of depression. We all have incredible power to positively influence others through small acts of kindness and compassion.'

With a family history of cardiovascular disease—particularly in the women of her family—Fisher knows the importance of heart health. “As a mind-body therapist, I am passionate about educating individuals regarding the relationship between emotional health and heart-related diseases, specifically in regard to depression and chronic stress,” she says. “The research is pretty substantial about the direct physiological impact of adverse emotions on your heart. Therefore, your current and future self will appreciate all the steps you take today to better manage your emotional health.”


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