Alexandria Bridal Hair Trends of 2022

Alexandria Bridal Hair Trends of 2022

Story by Liesel Schmidt

Much like gowns, flowers and even color palettes, hair is a big part of the wedding scene that goes through trends. With so much being instantly posted on social media, looks go viral and become the next big thing, sought after by brides who want to make an impact on their wedding day and take everyone’s breath away. Fortunately, hairstylists have become something akin to artists, able to create masterpieces with hair that not only defy imagination but are absolutely stunning. Welcome to Bridal Season 2022! We know you’ll love this year’s hair trends.

Captivating and classic; getting a simple highlight and curls that softly frame your face is something that will never go out of vogue. Let your stylist know you want a more effortless, natural look—this one is sure to be a winner.

A mixture of French-plaiting with a loosely woven bun; this is a romantic look that straddles the line between elegant and slightly unrefined. With escaped tendrils that set off your face, you’ll fall in love with the way this updo gives volume without the look of being overly done.

Like the twists of a love knot, this updo is a series of twists and loops gathered to one side of your head, putting a new spin on an old standby. It is great for strapless gowns and showing off your décolletage.

For trendsetters and brides who love a bold statement, buns are a must—especially when they come in multiples. Running from crown to nape, this series of buns is a great look for anyone wanting to make their hair the star of the show and leave the veil behind.

Gathering to one side, this cascade of hair is a beautiful mess with just enough curl and styling to make it more intentional. It is great for pairing with a gown that is elaborate enough on its own to need a non-compete clause.

Twists and braids and coils, oh, my! This is one look that may be mixing metaphors, but it still manages to be a deft work of fusion rather than confusion. Simply elegant in the front, you’re mesmerizingly complex and unexpectedly fun in the back—aren’t we all?

As you consider your wedding day, be sure to discuss your options with your stylist and share your vision. Take photos of the looks you love and experiment so that you can find your very best match and the perfect hair for the day of your dreams.

“Braids are versatile and in high demand this wedding season. From loose, braided crowns to flowing French braids, braided hairstyles exude romance. An added bonus is that they are super fun to accessorize. Think jewel-toned hairpins, beaded headbands, flowers, ornate hair clips or flowing tulle. Options are limitless and create such a glamorous and dream-worthy vibe.” – Amy Benitez, Salon deZEN.

'With the ever-changing climate we have been in, hair has also been ever-changing--and wedding style will follow that trend. I believe brides are going to take control by combining the old with the new. We will see more updos from the past with a twist as well as loose braids, messy buns, taut ponytails with long braids and bouffants with cascading curls.' - Joi Dreams, Joi Dreams Salon.

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