Aaron Podolsky | COMPASS

Aaron Podolsky | COMPASS

Story by Liesel Schmidt

With his background as an institutional equity trader, Aaron Podolsky is uniquely positioned to guide families and individuals in maximizing the asset that is their home—and that was precisely what led him to shift careers into real estate during the financial crisis.

10 years in, he has seen his specialty shift as the industry has evolved. Podolsky’s role as Real Estate Strategist and founder of the Podolsky Group enables him to offer such services as concierge remodeling at no upfront cost to his sellers, access to a massive network of agents across the country and private exclusive transactions; a major tool in the current real estate market. “This has become our secret weapon in the current environment, executing more than 10, year-to-date,” Podolsky notes.

As much as has changed over the course of a decade, the passion and dedication Podolsky gives to his clients is a constant. “I find joy in seeing an individual or family purchase a house they will call their home!” he says. “It’s rewarding to help people make big decisions about their largest asset and thinking outside the box to create and develop new strategies that help my clients reach their goals. I’m driven to be the best at what I do and surround myself with the best in the business to provide my clients access to lenders, contractors, home inspectors, insurance agents and anything else they may need or want in the home sale process and beyond.”

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